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Thread: IRRK: ICC announcement regarding clan New Dawn deportation.

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    IRRK: ICC announcement regarding clan New Dawn deportation.

    ICC announcement regarding clan New Dawn deportation.
    November 24th, 29487

    Following Ruth Montezuma's complaint the independent ICC panel investigated the decision making and the process of clan New Dawn's deportation from Rubi-Ka. Today the investigation has reached its conclusion.

    After careful examination of all the evidence and thorough deliberation the panel established the following:

    • The decision to deport clan New Dawn was based on false evidence. Gerulf Riechstain failed in his duty to properly examine the evidence that was presented to him by Bahirae Serugiusu.
    • The ICC Peacekeepers failed to ensure that the process of deportation was conducted with regard to human life and dignity. The panel recognises that they did all they could to prevent the loss of life under the circumstances.
    • Gerulf Riechstain failed to support the Peacekeepers in their duty.
    • The deportation of clan New Dawn was unlawful.

    The panel had drafted and presented a resolution to the corporate representatives vote. The document was ratified almost unanimously with only Sol Banking corporation absconding.

    The following decisions have been made:

    • ICC will offer reparations to clan New Dawn for the suffering it inflicted on them.
    • The reparations will include permanent lease on the planet of the clan's current residence (P-7345).
    • The panel had contacted New Dawn and the clan made a decision through a voting process to stay on the planet and rename it to “New Dawn.”
    • Gerulf Riechstain will be relieved of his duty on Rubi-Ka and will atone for his actions by working for clan New Dawn on planet P-7345.
    • The Peacekeepers on Rubi-Ka are cleared of all charges.

    Selcha Doree, IRRK.

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    "The Peacekeepers on Rubi-Ka are cleared of all charges."

    Nice to know all parties owned up to their mistakes.
    Yes, sarcasm

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    I'm a particular fan of "With regard to Human Life and Dignity."

    Considering things were not exactly going their greatest in regards to Human Life and Dignity during the Tarkhan Zora years, you know I'm really glad at least New Dawn got some justice on their behalf now that the last two CEO's have been erased. Maybe now we can get back to some relative peace that hasn't been seen in almost a decade.
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