Pvp-orientated players often avoid twinkteams and multiboxers and many enjoys to cooperate with their side in pvp-combat without being in a team. This can be for various reasons. Some want the pvp-score, but many also simply dislike to be 'limited' to a team when they play the game or being unable to heal when they want.

I think teambuffs as a means to encourage teaming in pvp has been a complete failure. People still solo (while assisting their side) but dual-loggers, twinkteams and multiboxers got very powerfull. It is also very pointless as there is a bs-channel.


So, how about blockers, aad/aao-auras and those things worked like the soldier guardian-perk instead? That would require active gameplay and it is also a form of teamwork. You are helping someone + u can play on ur own terms.