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Thread: OTPC: Sentinels attack Cyborg Hideout in Perpetual Wastelands

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    OTPC: Sentinels attack Cyborg Hideout in Perpetual Wastelands

    OTPC: Sentinels attack Cyborg Hideout in Perpetual Wastelands
    November 13th, 29487.

    The former Omni-Outpost in Perpetual Wastelands had nigh on all it's proximity sensors triggered by a contingent of some fourty sentinels marching on the cyborg hideout due north of the Omni-Outpost.

    High resolution probes were able to determine the Sentinels engaged the cyborgs with lethal force before gathering up the corpses and shipping them south to an unknown location.

    It is unknown at this time what the Sentinels intend to do with these corpses.

    Although some believe it may be the latest in their ritual sacrifice plans.

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    Maybe the cyborgs are going to attempt a revenge strike.

    Hint hint.
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    Right... ritual sacrifice... Dang OTPC figured it all out guys, guess we'll have to save the virgin-burning pyre for another day.

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    Do people really believe in ritual sacrifice anymore? What is this, the dark ages?

    For the uneducated, understand that Cyborgs are made with meat parts - and thus - people sometimes go missing. Part of a program that has been around longer than I have is a ledger where people who have lost loved ones to Cyborg raids can get a bit of closure if the corpses can be identified post extractum.

    Cyborgs don't do revenge, they are emotionless automatons. They work primarily on a motor instinct that is a hashup of Human-Cyborg proliferate manifesto. They create more Cyborgs and they spread to new areas if they can. They developed the Fixer Grid so they could do it efficiently, but the master brainchild behind the Cyborgs is a dogged hive mind. What makes them difficult to extinguish is that its not easy to locate them all. You can pretty much consider them a plague on par with rollerrats, only made from people who loose their humanity once forcefully converted.
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