Eva Pourais announces organisational changes in open forum
November 10th, 29487

During an open forum with employees and heads of various departments, CEO Eva Pourais laid out new goals and top-level policy for Omni-Tek, allowing more freedom in mid to high level decision-making and cooperation.

The meeting yesterday seemed, for the most part, open and informal; an indicator perhaps of Eva Pourais' vision for the future of Omni-Tek.

The CEO began by profoundly thanking the employees in attendance for their loyalty during the recent crisis and asked them to welcome guests from outside the corporation. Under the watchful eye of newly promoted Admiral Townsend, four non-employees were escorted into the room.

These guests were neutrals Dan “Effrit” McCovery and “Marsira” and Clan members Cathleen “Loriah” Spansgaard and Ruth “Riahan” Montezuma. In an unprecedented move, Pourais thanked them publicly for their part in the coalition that eventually saw the downfall of Bahirae Serugiusu and captured on camera was an historic handshake between Pourais and the clan propagandist Montezuma.

After the four were teleported out of the building, safely into neutral territory, an another guest appeared in the room as if from nowhere: a cloaked, hooded and masked figure introduced as a high ranking InternOps official. The figure announced that he had been in deep discussion with Omni-Prime regarding how a repeat of the Serugiusu incident could be avoided in future. The result was that InternOps would concentrate its resources on surveillance, stepping back from decision-making amid a change in top-level structure. The official figure disappeared without taking questions.

Eva Pourais then announced the changes she had authorised. Clearly and concisely, she laid out the structure of Omni-Tek organisation, revealing the creation of 5 “corporate areas” which will act as umbrella departments reporting to the CEO. These are:

  • ADMINISTRATION – headed by Darius Zeiler, encompassing departments such as:
    • Omni-InternOps
    • Omni-Reform
    • Omni-Admin
    • And others
  • OPERATIONS – headed by Takkai Sakkamoto, encompassing departments such as:
    • Omni-Trans
    • Omni-Mining
    • Omni-R&D
    • Omni-Engineering
    • And others
  • COMMUNICATIONS – headed by Lani Wannja
  • MEDICAL – headed by Rita Prestin
  • SECURITY – headed by Admiral Townsend, including security bodies such as:
    • Omni-Pol
    • Omni-AF liason office
    • And others

CEO Pourais reassured the attendees that she had no wish to interfere with internal departmental matters and outlined a plan that would allow them to make their own policy, choose their own leadership and more efficiently cooperate with other departments. This is the formation of a new body:

The Omni Organisational Committee

The committee was founded yesterday by volunteers at the meeting:

  • Ceanu
  • Echo
  • Agentcora
  • Brilby
  • Slavedrive
  • Hardkastle
  • Netwar
  • Zarro

This body is tasked with organising regular inter-departmental meetings with the aim of uniting the departments in common goals. Additionally these meetings can be used to create new departments, reorganise departmental structure and decide policy, with vetoes held by the umbrella heads and other executive officers.

Anyone wishing to join the committee should contact the above people, and any employee may attend the regular meetings to have their say.

After this announcement, the CEO took numerous questions and heard concerns before closing the meeting.