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Thread: IRRK: Gerulf Riechstain testifies in New Dawn deportation case

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    IRRK: Gerulf Riechstain testifies in New Dawn deportation case

    Gerulf Riechstain testifies in New Dawn deportation case
    November 10th, 29487

    The ICC panel continues to investigate the circumstances behind the decision to banish clan New Dawn from Rubi-Ka as well as the process of deportation itself. The evidence that led Gerulf Riechstain to make the fateful decision had been re-examined and two people testified: Ruth Montezuma, the New Dawn leader, and Force Commander Sonya Brasidas of the Peacekeepers on Rubi-Ka. The investigation so far has shown that the deportation was based on questionable evidence and that there have been numerous cases of appalling treatment of the clan New Dawn members. Gerulf Riechstain gave an account of circumstances surrounding the deportation process.

    The session started with the panel asking Mr Riechstain about the process of examining the evidence presented to him by Bahirae Serugiusu that pointed to New Dawn clan as the organisers of the Borealis dish explosion.

    “There was no need to examine the evidence, I was assured by Ms Serugiusu that it had been checked and re-checked by the Omni-Tek forensic experts.”

    “There is a complaint about the evidence not being checked properly on file. It was written by Force Commander Sonya Brasidas. What was your reaction to that?”

    “When Sonya Brasidas was transferred to Rubi-Ka I thought we would be able to cooperate. I thought: there is a reasonable person who can do the job.” […] ”There she was, filing those complaints of hers, hundreds of them! Who would be able to work in such conditions?” […] “Her sole goal in life seemed to be to completely undermine my position and try to prove all my decisions wrong. Completely unacceptable!”

    “How would you respond to the allegations of gross mistreatment of New Dawn clan members during the deportation procedure?”

    “I hope that a thorough investigation will reveal any misconduct by the Peacekeeper forces.”

    “The investigation has already revealed that all the mistreatment of the clan members was committed by the riot specialist forces and the Peacekeepers were trying to stop them.”

    “Surely, you can't base that conclusion on the Peacekeeper reports...”

    “We base that conclusion on their reports, camera footage where possible and New Dawn witnesses who have been contacted on the planet they were deported to.”

    After experiencing Mr Riechstain's incompetence first hand the panel adjourned announcing that the next person to testify will be the CEO of Omni-Tek Eva Pourais.

    Selcha Doree, IRRK.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Editor: IRRK View Post

    “Surely, you can't base that conclusion on the Peacekeeper reports...”

    ICC representative Gerulf Riechstain disavowing the ICC Peacekeepers? Tell me about shooting oneself in the foot. Keep them coming bullets!

    You might want to check the track record and bank statements while you're at it.

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