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Thread: IRRK: Force Commander Sonya Brasidas of the Peacekeepers testifies in New Dawn deport

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    IRRK: Force Commander Sonya Brasidas of the Peacekeepers testifies in New Dawn deport

    Force Commander Sonya Brasidas of the Peacekeepers testifies in New Dawn deportation case
    October 30th, 29487

    The ICC panel continues investigation of the circumstances behind the deportation of the clan New Dawn. After re-examining the evidence that led to thousands of people being banished from Rubi-Ka and hearing out Ruth Montezuma, the clan's leader, the panel summoned Force Commander Sonya Brasidas of the ICC Peacekeepers who was involved in the process. She gave evidence of the mistreatment of the clan members by riot-specialists and numerous complaints that the Force Commander filed at the time.

    The panel started by looking through a hundred and thirty-two formal complaints that Ms Brasidas filed with her superiors in ICC. When asked why she filed so many the Force Commander answered:

    “The whole operation was wrong. The deportation was based on evidence that wasn't properly examined, the deportees were grossly mistreated and our forces could do little more than watch helplessly as civilians were being brutalised by the riot-specialists. And all this time my warnings and protests were falling on deaf ears.”

    The panel asked about the alleged mistreatment of the clan New Dawn members during the deportation process.

    “I was getting reports from all units. The riot-specialists gave people no more than an hour to pack all their possessions, there were many counts of people being brutalised... there were even cases of permadeath... some of the deportees were below or above the age of reliable insurance. It's all well documented, but all those reports were dismissed.”

    “What do you think was the reason for the ICC authorities ignoring all those accounts of brutality?”

    “Politics. Politics always trumps human life unfortunately. We tried to prevent further life loss; we tried to get to the locations first to protect the civilians, we were alert and reacted to all acts of brutality... It wasn't enough. This was the worst failure in my career.”

    “Where did all those reports go to?”

    “As the commanding officer of the Peacekeepers on Rubi-Ka I report to the head of the ICC on the planet, Gerulf Riechstain.”

    The panel ended its session by thanking the Force Commander and announcing the next witness: Gerulf Riechstain.

    Selcha Doree, IRRK.

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    I wish I could sit in on this hearing...

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    Dan Effrit McCovery

    The ICC will be looking for a fall guy to wash their hands of any link to Bahirae Serugiusu in this matter.

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