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Thread: OTPC Freelance: WANTED: Omni-AF Commander

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    OTPC Freelance: WANTED: Omni-AF Commander

    OTPC Freelance: WANTED: Omni-AF Commander
    October 25th, 29487

    A Omni-AF Senior Commander goes on the run when he discovers he is wanted for questioning after being alleged to being a Serugiusu loyalist.

    With the wounds of the former CEO still fresh in many minds, Omni-Tek takes no time in routing out all those who committed transgressions during the Bahirae Unit’s reign as CEO. OTPC understands that Omni-InternOps, Omni-Reform and Omni-Pol Internal Services are coordinating a massive, multi-department effort to ensure that no remnants of Serugiusu’s illegal network remain.

    When it was time for a local squad of OTAF to face routine questioning and an evaluation as part of investigations, questions were raised regarding its Commander, Geoffrey "Mrmol" Bradford. OTPC has learnt that Commander Bradford has since gone on the run and is being sought after by both Omni-Pol and Omni-Tek Internal Operations.

    OTPC has learnt that the warrant was issued by the leading investigatory body, Omni-Teks Department of Investigations and is coordinating with Omni-Pol to apprehend the suspect. Omni-Pol have since released images of the Commander and placed an advisory stating that he is to be considered “armed and extremely dangerous, and that citizens should not approach him but should immediately contact Omni-Pol if found.”

    Whilst unconfirmed, if the Commander is found guilty of being a Serugiusu loyalist he could be facing charges of treason and subsequent permadeath.

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