Ruth Montezuma testifies in New Dawn deportation case
October 24th, 29487

The ICC panel continues investigation of the circumstances behind the deportation of the clan New Dawn. After re-examination of the evidence that brought the ordeal onto the clan its leader, Ruth Montezuma, stepped into the ICC hall to give her testimony of the events. She denied the allegations that the New Dawn clan had anything to do with the Borealis dish bomb, gave evidence that Bahirae Serugiusu was behind it and provided a summary of the efforts she and many others had made to bring the temporary CEO down.

At the beginning of the proceedings Ruth Montezuma was asked to give a short summary of her complaint against the ICC.

“I am here to testify about the outrage that has befallen my clan. We have been judged based on unreliable evidence, without a chance to defend ourselves. Thousands of my clansmen were packed at gunpoint into ICC and OT ships and taken to an unknown planet. Many of them were harmed or killed, separated from their families, all of them lost their homes and their possessions.

My words cannot describe the scale of the suffering of my people.”

The panel proceeded to ask whether New Dawn had any involvement in the Borealis dish explosion. Ms Montezuma denied and added that her clan had always sought peaceful solution to the Clan - Omni-Tek conflict and throwing bombs at people was not considered peaceful last time she checked.

A question was posed by the panel how Ms Montezuma learned about the deportation order.

“I learned like everyone else, from Bahirae Serugiusu's speech in Borealis.

I had been separated from my clan for years, Xeavier [Humbold] was my only lifeline. With him gone... I had barely any contact. The fact I was undercover, posing as Aneta Riahan, an Omni-Pol officer did not help.”


“I was standing there, behind Serugiusu, supposed to be protecting her, but all I wanted was to destroy her there and then.”

“Why didn't you?”

“Because losing my life like that would not change anything or help my clan. It would only confirm Serugiusu's allegations.”

Ms Montezuma then proceeded to describe the events of the following months; an attempt to gain evidence to support her clan's innocence, subsequent capture by the Sentinels, being freed and eventually forging an alliance with various individuals both clan, neutral and Omni-Tek employees, Borealis Freedom Fighters and a mysterious neutral group she called “The Outcast.”

“I wasn't the leader, far from it. I think in the end it was mostly Omni-Tek employees cleaning house. But in the process, we helped.

We provided evidence against Serugiusu, we provided detailed information about troop movements, thanks to the Outcast... and a multitude of contributions from all kinds of people, Omni-Mining shooting a message out of a notum cannon, people helping OTPC to survive, I heard someone even managed to capture one of the riot specialists and examine it closely... Someone sounded out the Unicorns... A group of people were working on finding a vulnerability in the riot specialist programming... Someone managed to alert the Manex Corporation of the situation... There were more contributions than I can name at this time.”

“Now that all this is done I want justice for my clan.”

Later in the proceedings Ms Montezuma provided evidence that Bahirae Serugiusu ordered the assassination of Xeavier Humbold and the message of warning to Tarkhan Zora that he was stopped from sending.

The panel will meet again to hear Force Commander Sonya Brasidas of the Peacekeepers.

Selcha Doree, IRRK.