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Thread: IRRK: Evidence re-examined in New Dawn deportation case

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    IRRK: Evidence re-examined in New Dawn deportation case

    Evidence re-examined in New Dawn deportation case
    October 22nd, 29487

    Following a complaint by Ruth Montezuma, the leader of New Dawn, an ICC panel re-examined today the evidence that lead Gerulf Riechstain to authorise the deportation of the clan.

    The evidence was originally brought to Gerulf Riechstain by Bahirae Serugiusu and was taken as proof that it was the New Dawn clan that planned and executed the Borealis dish explosion.

    Two main pieces of the evidence included: footage from the Tower of Truth cameras showing Ruth Montezuma conspiring with Xeavier Humbold to plant the bomb and fragments of the bomb assumed to have been produced within New Dawn facilities.

    Three camera footage experts testified today, one was an employee of Omni-Tek, another TruSpace holovid specialist and the last one Sol Banking forensics officer. They were all unanimous in that the footage was a complete forgery. The Sol Banking expert remarked it was so crude that even an untrained person should have noticed that Ms Montezuma is ten years younger in the footage than she was at the time it was supposedly taken.

    The bomb fragments were also examined by independent forensics experts from Sol Banking, Manex Corporation and Unicorn Company. They all agreed that at the time the evidence was brought forward there was no data that would enable anyone to assert that the device was produced using the New Dawn facilities.

    Having examined the evidence the panel called Ms Montezuma to testify during the next meeting.

    Selcha Doree, IRRK.

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    What? Serugiusu did something underhanded and illegal!? I'm shocked, just shocked!

    *rolls eyes*
    Hurry the hell up and get those people back home where they belong. You owe them and Ruth for your negligence, ICC.
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