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Thread: OTPC: Omni-Med to conduct experiment on 23rd October

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    OTPC: Omni-Med to conduct experiment on 23rd October

    Omni-Med to conduct experiment on 23rd October.
    October 17th, 29487

    Doctor Elizabeth Rollson calls for any able bodied employees or freelancers to help with security measures during her latest experiment. It will take place on 23rd October at 20:00 RKST in Pleasant Meadows, near the satellite dish North-East of 20K outpost.

    Doctor Rollson is known in the academic circles for her research of indigenous life forms on many Omni-Tek controlled planets.

    The experiment is predicted to be dangerous and it is advised that all volunteers arrive battle ready and equipped with sturdy helmets. Medical assistance will be provided on site, if necessary.

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    Anyone want to play Guinea Pig? O.o
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    Omni-Pol will be present and offering our services to Doctor Rollson for the duration of her experiments.
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    All the more reason to wear your tin foil hat.
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