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Thread: OTPC Freelance: Omni-Pol Introduces New Security Measures

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    OTPC Freelance: Omni-Pol Introduces New Security Measures

    OTPC Freelance: Omni-Pol Introduces New Security Measures
    October 11th, 29487

    OTPC Freelance - Following the CEO's increasing use of the newly acquired “Doppelgänger” version of the Riot Specialist, Omni-Pol today announced that blood samples will be taken during ID checks.

    The Doppelgänger unit uses a newly developed dimension-crushing camouflage, which was tested to absolute success in Old Athen. This new camouflage allows the Riot Specialists to appear as regular citizens, soldiers, children, shop owners; allowing them to evade usual ID checks conducted by Omni-Pol. During the past few weeks Riot Specialists using this camouflage have infiltrated cross-departmental operations attempting to remove the acting CEO from power causing major distribution to Omni-Pol's efforts at re-asserting themselves as the governing police force on Rubi-Ka.

    In response to the growing disruption Omni-Pol will now take a full spectrum blood sample for immediate analysis when challenging citizens’ identities allowing Omni-Pol to distinguish between genuine citizens and Doppelgänger Units.

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    I'd like to point out that failing to provide adequate or appropriate proof of identity to Omni-Pol will lead to your arrest until a time we can ascertain your identity with certainty. It should also be noted that these checks are mandatory and failure to comply with Omni-Pol instructions will also lead to your arrest.
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    Use photon beams. Easier, and cheaper.
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