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Thread: OTPC: OTS Bluebird Distress Signal Received.

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    OTPC: OTS Bluebird Distress Signal Received.

    OTPC: OTS Bluebird Distress Signal Received
    October 11th, 29487.

    At 23:45 RST a distress signal was received from an automated probe launced from the OTS Bluebird at 1400 RST this afternoon.

    The signal was heavily distorted with accompanying data detailing that the probe had been caught in the gravity of a planet and would most likely be incinerated on entry.

    What we do know is that at 1350 the OTS Bluebird came within weapons range of the OTS Obsidian. The Bluebird and Obsidian are equally matched in terms of firepower, however chilling reports detail that in the final minutes of battle the OTS Obsidian began launching Riot Specialists out of airlocks at the Bluebird.

    The probe held no detail as to the state of either ship after 1400, nor whether either had survived.

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    Riot Specialists were launched out of the airlocks to attack the Bluebird? This is sheer madness...

    I hope we'll learn more about the fate of the ships and their crew. If the OTS Obsidian is still on its course to Rubi-Ka, there could be more to be done.

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    I know more than a couple of people I'd love to launch out of an airlock, preferably with the safety protocols off.
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    My thoughts go to all the brave men and women onboard OTS Bluebird who sacrificed their lives to protect the Rubi-Ka population from the Riot Specialist menace.

    They will be remembered.
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