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Thread: OTPC: BNN: Corporate Curfew, 2055 RST Sunday.

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    OTPC: BNN: Corporate Curfew, 2055 RST Sunday.

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    BNN: Corporate Curfew, 2055 RST Sunday.

    BNN: Corporate Curfew, 2055 RST Sunday.
    October 12th, 29487.

    I, Bahirae Serugiusu, would like to take this time to address all loyal citizens of Omni-Tek.

    These are dangerous times that we live in, treacherous, perilous times in which we look around us and at times, see faces that are not those of our friends.

    You may have heard of the OTS Obsidian being outright attacked by another Omni-Tek ship, hijacked by the clans. It is time that we bring peace to Rubi-Ka. Once and for all.

    We have come to a crossroads as a company, as colleagues, and as partners in this business. As your CEO, I assure you that the threat posed by those who would stand against us will not stand for long. I encourage all citizens to return to your homes and codelock your doors at twenty fifty-five Rubi-Kan Standard Time on Sunday night. For my Riot Specialists will march the streets to locate and remove our opposers.

    I have also ordered a Communications Blackout during this time and encourage you to deactivate all communication channels and transmission systems to ensure a peaceful sweep of the Omni-Tek Data Network to remove any sign of our opposers, traitors and non-loyals.

    Any citizen on the streets at this time will be liable to reclaimation and possible permadeath.

    I encourage your compliance for your safety, your continued employment and security.

    My Riot Specialists and I will crush our oppressors. Our guns will shoot them, our hands will tear them and our nanos will obliterate them.

    Omni-Tek will know peace as next week dawns. This I promise you.

    Your leader,
    Bahirae Serugiusu.
    Battle-Master Bahirae Seruguisu
    Former CEO of Omni-Tek Rubi-Ka

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    For the self-proclaimed top leader of Omni-tek, you sure do kill a metric crapton of Omni-tek people.

    There are some within our ranks that think you're doing a better job of it then they do.
    Towerblock, 220/30/70 Engineer
    President of Steadfast

    And way too many alts...

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