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Thread: OTPC: Civil War!

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    OTPC: Civil War!

    Civil War!
    October 1st, 29487.

    Unicorn forces engage Serugiusu-loyal Omni-AF units in Andromeda.

    On the evening of the 28th September, a cargo transport was shot down over Andromeda by a Riot-Specialist controlled gunship. After dragging the severely injured pilot from the wreck, they decapitated him and left his corpse as a trap for emergency first-responders.

    At this point, it seems, the Riot-Specialists ordered a Unicorn ship to assist in their ambush, preparing for a massacre of innocent citizens.

    When emergency responders, lead by Omni-AF naval captain Jonothan Townsend, arrived on the scene they were surrounded by Serugiusu's Armed Forces and Unicorn soldiers. By all accounts a Riot-Specialist officer ordered the Unicorn commander to open fire on the civilians. And open fire he did... on the Riot-Specialists.

    This prompted a small-scale ground and air skirmish. The Unicorn ship engaged the Omni-AF gunship, forcing the Riot-Specialist air support to retreat as their comrades on the ground were defeated by the mixed group and the Unicorn Commander.

    Serugiusu's position has clearly been weakened in the past month. We have seen great political and diplomatic advancements against the illegal CEO and huge numbers of Omni-AF units are now being reported as deserters, presumed to be setting up staging areas in preparation for open conflict.

    The temporary CEO's position seems more temporary with each day that passes.

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    Now this is good journalism.

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    *Maniacal laughter*

    Thousands of years of calling us rebellious terrorist scum, and now this. I wish Bubba was here to witness this.
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    ((This clearly shows that Funcom is on Omni side. Now (apart from all other content) Omnis can also shoot Omnis. I call favorism... ))

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    Wonderful, after that Serugiusu bitch murdered their leader i wondered how long it would be before Unicorn Company turned on her.

    Go Ponies!
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