FJRK: Aerial Explosion rocks Stret West Bank
October 1st, 29487.

At 00:05 this morning, a single aerial transport was making it's way across Stret West Bank before being targetted by nanoprograms likely cast by Riot Specialists and shot down.

The transport was partially vapourised and the remains crashed into a nearby tree. The corpse in the area was too badly damaged to give a positive ID.

Dental records were collected from the tree due to the force of the impact. Minutes before; the insurance pattern for Mireann Ashford was discontinued. Mireann Ashford had chartered a flight from Hope to Rome.

Formerly known as Lieutenant Ashford. Mireann was previously the head of Omni-Pols Division Eleven but was demoted and discharged dishonourably by CEO Serugiusu after being suspected of linked to the death of her second in command; Craig Fairbank.