OTPC Freelance: Obituary - Sarah Misura
September 27th, 29487.

Sarah Misura, who has died aged 41, gave her life in stalwart defence of her Corporation against its enemies. She spent her final days organising the resistance against Bahirae Serugiusu, the one responsible for the storming of Omni-Reform, where she had worked for many years as a distinguished officer.

Misura touched countless lives in her career, and showed her pride at working with hundreds of faces each day, helping each employee to fulfil their potential. She was unflinching in her resolve, being determined to set Rubi-Ka to rights from Bahirae Serugiusu, whatever the cost.

Misura was a passionate employee who believed in the Corporation and its interests. She paid the ultimate sacrifice in seeing to our way of life be preserved from those who tried to take it from us. She is and ever will be a true Omni-Tek employee.

Sarah Misura born May 12th 29446, died September 26th 29487.