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Thread: FJRK: Public Warning: A New Threat From Omni-Tek

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    FJRK: Public Warning: A New Threat From Omni-Tek

    FJRK: Public Warning: A New Threat From Omni-Tek
    September 23rd, 29487.

    The Sentinel clan is issuing a warning against a new Riot Specialist unit they codenamed “Doppelgänger” that is apparently able to take form of any living person.

    The new units emerged yesterday in Old Athen posing as little children pretending to have lost their parents. The Riot Specialists managed to appeal to many people's emotions and trick them into aiding them for a short while.

    Fortunately, a group of Sentinels was present in the city and quickly recognised the threat, triggering the children to reveal their true nature and morph into their real forms: Omni-Tek Riot Specialist units. The intruders were quickly dealt with by the citizens who were angry and appalled by the ruse.

    The Sentinel clan advises to be always vigilant against the Doppelgänger units, which can pose as anyone, anywhere.

    The following may be the symptoms of a Doppelgänger:

    · weird twitching,

    · repeating the same phrases over and over,

    · emitting sparks,

    · changes in their pitch of voice,

    · staring into space emptily,

    · mechanical noises.

    The Doppelgänger units' defensive capabilities do not seem to match those of the regular Riot Specialists so they seem to be quite easy to eliminate once discovered.

    Be vigilant!

    Anyone can be a Doppelgänger!

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    How much more would they get in the guise of Clan officers.
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