OTPC Freelance: Riot Specialists assume control of Omni-Reform Headquarters
September 22nd, 29487 - Author Unknown

Riot Specialists have assumed control of the central Omni-Reform building in Omni-1 in a previously unannounced 'procedural overhaul' at the Department.

The OTPC understands that the basics functionaries at the Departmental Headquarters have been replaced by Acting CEO Serugiusu's Riot Specialists in an effort to maintain her failing grip on current events.

These measures will be interpreted by many as a sign of Serugiusu's decreasing influence over employees after her involvement in a conspiracy to murder the late CEO Tarkhan Zora was brought to light in an exclusive by the OTPC last month.

Further evidence of falling Corporate confidence in Serugiusu's leadership was seen in employee efforts to re-establish a planetary detachment of Omni-Pol to better protect the citizenry, against her express wish.

Serugiusu's position is likely to become untenable as widespread opposition to her tenure grows.