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    BNN: The Next Stage

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    BNN: The Next Stage
    September 22nd, 29487

    Good Evening Citizens of Rubi-Ka.

    The next stage of our glorious conquest of Rubi-Ka is underway thanks to the Riot Specialists' new dimension-crushing camouflage. Recently tested to absolute success in Old Athen, a new version of Riot Specialists have been assigned to key locations across Rubi-Ka, camouflaged as regular citizens, soldiers, children, shop owners.

    We cannot at this time detail of any of these camouflaged specialists outside of Omni-Tek Territory but so long as your Corporate Loyalty to our CEO is assured, you need not be concerned.
    Battle-Master Bahirae Seruguisu
    Former CEO of Omni-Tek Rubi-Ka

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    Be advised citizens of Rubi-ka. Bending the laws of physics is completely possible, but also these manipulations of physics are also easily undone. All you need is to introduce another field or wavelength at a said manipulation of physical space and you could very well scramble the offender like an egg on a hot plate. They will be sent safely to reclaim, all the while be completely unharmed (unless you prefer to risk containment of radiation that is not within nominal safety levels).

    Using the radiation application, any focused emission of REMs totalling 750-1000 is enough to kill just about anything through the rapid and violent disruption of the vascular systems within the human body.

    Using a chemical application, you can actually use a gravitic field to rapidly transfer toxic ionized gas or liquids through it much like a biocellular membrane. Note: Depending on the toxic application this may destroy or denature pretty much any organic protein-based tissue, as well as corrode non-living matter.

    Using a proper application of Plasma Physics, you can create a reverse-field Pinch to disrupt just about any field you like, provided you understand the nature of the energy being generated. If successful you could very well agitate the molecules within the field and kill the offender inside. Shattering bone is also possible.

    Effectively, the end goal is to destabilize the equilibria of the dimensional physics at a range with no ill effect to yourself. Anyone that is not using a dimensional field may only need be afraid of typical exposure.

    Many of these devices and effects can be re-produced by people with sophomore levels of instruction in Matter Creation / Time and Space education.

    Happy Hunting, people! Remember Safety First!
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