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Thread: IRRK: New RIG Campaign!

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    IRRK: New RIG Campaign!

    New RIG Campaign!
    September 17th, 29487.

    The door opens to another sealed windowless room, that’s the 315th such room on this clearance level, do you enter? Or do you scream loudly at the traitors filling the room?

    All new RIG campaign has you running tasks for a kindly robotic overseer that is responsible for maintaining the grid of corridors, dank rooms and decaying machines!

    However not is all as it seems the world is filled with traitors working against you and the overseer. That leet that crawled out of a vent? TRAITOR! That waste paper basket? TRAITOR! That person in the mirror? TRAITOR! Or are they!

    Travel through the simulation and gain new clearance levels as you complete tasks taking you further and further into the mega-construct that is the Grid! Look out for traps and traitors along the way!

    And be careful, your friends helping you might also be traitors! Maybe you need to get rid of them before they get you!

    Will you achieve the ultimate clearance? Will you get anything shiny? Will you even survive?

    Or will you suffer the Grid Shock!

    Grid Shock: ALL NEW CAMPAIGN!

    New players are advised to take a solitary introduction run to set themselves up.

    Games can be requested here

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    I think I'd just stand there until the robot overseer kills me after deciding I was a threat just standing there. But, I suppose I could just hack the overseer.
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