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Thread: OTPC - Did you miss us?

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    OTPC - Did you miss us?

    Did you miss us?
    September 10th, 29487.

    The editors at OTPC would like to apologise for the brief downtime, and extend a warm middle finger to our glorious CEO.

    Within a week of the forced shutdown of OTPC, all our operations were relocated to a secret location, crowded yet sadly empty of many familiar faces. Despite careful preparation, a number of OTPC staff were brutally murdered over the last two weeks as we endeavoured to protect lives, resources and information from Riot-Specialist thugs. Omni-Tek grieves for them.

    Unfortunately, with severely depleted resources, we have been unable to fulfil our duty to Omni-Tek, and so we were content to listen, learn and plan for the future.

    Here's what you may have missed in the last two weeks:

    There was further embarrassment to the Sentinels Clan as New Dawn leader and clan propagandist Ruth Montezuma was extracted from their underground headquarters in Mort. OTPC understands that this was a joint Clan and Omni-Tek operation.

    With the recent revelations surrounding the assassination of Xeavier Humbold, it has become apparent that New Dawn were not responsible for Tarkhan Zora's death as was alleged by the illegal and temporary CEO. Some startling figures have come to light detailing the extent of the damage to the moderate Clan after these allegations were made. The statistics indicate the number of remaining New Dawn members could be as low as a few dozen. The rest have either been executed by Omni-AF, deported by ICC or have voluntarily fled Rubi-Ka.

    Rumours are abound that the Sentinel Clan is working in cooperation with Serugiusu, however OTPC has learned of a number of recent skirmishes between Sentinels and Bahirae-loyal soldiers. The Clan also appears to be in a quiet state of war with rival extremists "The Obsidian Army" as other major Clans become increasingly concerned by the Sentinel's lack of cooperation within the Clan community.

    Omni-AF has reported an unusually large number of desertions, rising sharply after a clash between OTAF and the Clans in Tir.

    While we have unfortunately lost contact with Omni-Reform Director Eva Pourais, who has always fiercely supported the mission of OTPC, we would like to make it very clear that it would take more than rumours to kill a woman such as Eva.

    Finally, it was once predicted at OTPC HQ that should Ms Montezuma make a return to the public eye, we would find ourselves in heated conflict. However, in a surprising effort to redeem past slights against the corporation, information received from the Clan leader has enabled us to make planet-wide gridcasts again and keep the people of Rubi-Ka informed.

    Slowly, it seems, Rubi-Ka is uniting against another common enemy.

    Truth is power.

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    Never thought I'd ever agree with an OTPC article...
    First time for everything.
    Point Blank

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    This is clearly another attempt by Ruth Montezuma to spread miss-information about our beloved CEO. The woman is clearly trying to attack anything she can as revenge from the loss of her pathetic Clan.

    CEO Seruguisu offers the truth.
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    Welcome back OTPC! Another voice of freedom against the Tyranny of Bitchface.

    Hey Cora, better tell your beloved 'CEO' to think about getting off-world while she still can, because it looks to me like the Wolves are gathering...
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    Mark my words: I'll rejoice when I know for sure that the Bahirae Unit is not only the tip of the iceberg.

    Meanwhile, it's nice to know that Serugiusu's kill count is not as high as rumor had it. I never thought I'd say this one day, but... welcome back, OTPC. Hang in there.

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