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Thread: FJRK: Omni-Tek raids Old Athen again

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    FJRK: Omni-Tek raids Old Athen again

    Omni-Tek raids Old Athen again
    September 15th, 29487.

    In recent months Old Athen and Tir has been subject to several raids by Omni-Tek Armed Forces to extract clan and neutral affiliated persons wanted by Omni-Tek for alleged crimes against the hyper corporation.

    The latest of these raids occurred this week, where OTAF drop ships entered the airspace above Old Athen demanding New Dawn Leader Ruth Montezuma's surrender.

    In a cowardly attempt to force their advance the Omni-Tek drop ships deployed robotic snakes, but the brave people of the Clans banded together to defeat the extraction forces and even though it looked like the Omni-AF briefly had the upper hand, they were ultimately defeated and driven from the city.

    Kyr'Ozch forces took advantage of the turmoil and launched an attack on the Vanguard Head Quarters, which was very valiantly defeated by combined Clan effort.

    During the fights that engrossed the city witnesses report that a voice was heard in support of Ruth Montezuma, and a rallying cry for all of Rubi-Ka to stand together against the tyrant Bahirae Serugiusu. It was a simple: "Rubi-Ka is Fighting."
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    Rubi-ka is fighting.
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