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    BNN: Bahirae News Network Latest Announcement.

    Good Morning citizens of Omni-Tek Rub8-72. 8354662826534
    <Command not recognised. Input logged>

    <Command not recognised. Input logged>

    <Command r3cog845e5>
    A personal message from Ruth M., clan leader of New Dawn.

    My fellow Rubi-Kans!

    Today we are facing a menace that endangers every living soul on our beloved planet. Its name is Bahirae Serugiusu.

    Rubi-Ka's recent history is littered with the bodies of people who stood in her way to obtaining power and the position of the CEO of OTRK.

    Xeavier Humbold was murdered by a strike team acting on orders from Serugiusu. I am in possession of an Omni-Pol report that proves just that. It is evidence given by a member of that strike team, Cora Geers.

    Why should you care that some clanner was killed, you ask. Xeavier Humbold discovered a plot within Omni-Tek corporation to assassinate Tarkhan Zora. He tried to warn the then CEO, but as he was about to send his message he was shot.

    I was able to recover his communiqué device. Here is the message:
    "Tarkhan, the dish is a trap. The weapon you want to reveal is far weaker than the one already at your back. Do not let her near you. Abandon the project. Save yourself. - Xeavier Humbold."

    Employees of Omni-Tek! The assassin of Tarkhan Zora was given the powers of temporary CEO and is currently destroying your corporation from within.

    Clans! This is not just internal problem of Omni-Tek. The clan cities have already suffered, people have already paid the ultimate price: their lives.

    Neutrals! You are in the position to see clearly the extent of the current Omni-Tek's corruption, the Clans' indecision and the threat Bahirae Serugiusu is posing to us all.

    We all have to stand united! We all have to save our planet, our livelihood, our lives!

    Join us!

    Ruth M.
    <Transmission end>

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    You had me at "Its name is Bahirae Serugiusu".

    I'm in.
    Point Blank

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    To put an X on B is just my kind of math.

    I don't typically hate people, but I'm making an exception for the B-unit.

    Remember Juxiao.

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    **EDIT** Due to containing material dubbed harmful to the corporation, this has been encrypted by Omni-Pol.
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    Cora, you're just an empty vessel parroting your beloved murderess Serugiusu. But dont worry, when Omni Prime puts down this treachery i'm sure there will be a nice padded cell for you in Reform.

    By the time they're done with you you'll be crying and singing their praises...
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    Funny, I got documentation that puts Agentcora as a rebel against Bahirae. Now, she's all for it. She flips sides like some people change underwear.
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    This is a matter that concerns us all, our future, our lives. We are beyond mere faction strife here. And we need to stand together.

    Rubi-Ka is Fighting!

    Cathleen 'Loriah' Spansgaard
    The Red Brotherhood

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    Ruth, I have the information you need on the assault on Humbold.
    Omni-Pol still stand strong even if individual officers have been broken by Serugiusu.
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