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Thread: BNN: ICC RK-SkySat

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    BNN: ICC RK-SkySat

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    BNN: ICC RK-SkySat. Omni-Tek Enables!

    BNN: ICC RK-SkySat. Omni-Tek Enables!
    August 31st, 29487

    Omni-Tek today agreed a landmark contract with ICC around Rubi-Ka. We of Omni-Tek have agreed to outfit the ICC's satellites above Rubi-Ka with our groundbreaking surveillance and communication technology.

    The ICC's sattelites will be offline for six months. We have agreed for their information to be transmitted through our satellites.

    No further information is available at this time.

    Omni-Tek Enables!
    Battle-Master Bahirae Seruguisu
    Former CEO of Omni-Tek Rubi-Ka

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