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Thread: IRRK Freelance: Bahirae Craziusu?

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    IRRK Freelance: Bahirae Craziusu?

    Bahirae Craziusu?
    August 27, 29487 - Lucetta Phoenix

    IRRK Freelance - After the recent shutting down of OTPC due to broadcasting damning evidence of CEO Bahirae Serugiusu's illegitimate rise to power, is this a desperate attempt to conceal the truth?

    The events available to the public eye seemingly began with the ARES project, referring to the BAHIRAE unit as unit one. It can be deduced quite easily that unit one is likely referring to Bahirae Serugiusu, an Omni-Tek military experiment to assist in "peacefully ensuring Omni-Tek loyalty".

    How can a unit designed for war possibly be capable of the peaceful and diplomatic acts that should be expected as a CEO?

    May 9th, 29487. During a private press conference, the then Omni-AF Head Lt. Gen. Robert Rosuma announced a new deputy head, Bahirae Serugiusu. She "meticulously oversaw" the design and implementation of a new type of AF soldier, the "Riot Specialist". Quoting from the OTPC article, the riot specialists "have been outfitted with multi-target cybernetic enhancements along with various other classified technologies." Are these specialists a result of the ARES project, designed and completed by Bahirae herself to further her warmongering agenda?

    Shortly after this move, and among rumours of a strange device buried beneath the Borealis Communication Dish, Omni-R&D implements upgrades to the dish, with plans that were eventually revealed to use the dish as a powerful weapon.

    May 31st, 29487. It was early evening in Tir. A brutal and unrelenting assault began with a group of armed Omni-Tek employees. They stormed the Council of Truth, the Clan's de-facto government and murdered a man in cold blood.

    The man in question was Xeavier Humbold, the then representative head of the clan New Dawn. Long known for their soft touch and diplomatic approach when dealing with the corporation, why would Omni-Tek douse a flame of reason easing the otherwise potentially aggressive clans from another stalemate war that nobody wants?

    It surely would, and should ignite the passions of the clansmen and women that protect and fortify Tir, yet surprisingly the Sentinels blocked investigation into Xeavier's death. They refused to hand over security data and recordings, which could imply that their refusal to cooperate signifies an involvement to which they do not want to disclose.

    30th June, 29487. CEO Tarkhan Zora, Borealis Administrator Jessica Lonare and Robert Rosuma die during the malfunction of the "Borealis Battle Dish" and its attempt to fire a devastating blow upon Tir. Omni-Med stated their insurance patterns were somehow disrupted, and to me it feels very similar in nature to the malfunction of Xeavier Humbold's pattern. Take into consideration the fact that OTAF scouted and threatened to remove the Humbold Device (A device created in honour of Xeavier to protect insurance patterns) from materialising in Borealis, which was eventually destroyed. Were these deaths deliberately inflicted by Bahirae, and removal of the Humbold Device was ordered to ensure this?

    A recording has been made available to me that incriminates Bahirae's regime, one that has been suddenly censored from OTPC news broadcasts, OTPC dissolved and Bahirae News Network forced in place to further spread desperate propaganda..

    "Tarkhan, the dish is a trap. The weapon you want to reveal is far weaker than the one already at your back. Do not let her near you. Abandon the project. Save yourself. - Xeavier Humbold."

    Clearly, she is dangerously unpredictable and not to be trusted, regardless of your allegiances.

    I leave you now with a brief interview of Cathleen "Loriah" Spansgaard, giving her account of the troubles she's faced at the hands of Bahirae.

    I understand this is a difficult topic for you. The planet needs to know the truth, but you don't have to say anything you don't want to.
    So, let's start with the beginning. How did you get involved in all this?
    "I umm.. met Riahan, or Ruth, if you want, while she was trying to find out why Xeavier Humbold was murdered.
    And after talking to her for a while, I offered to help her. With what little I could. At the time I had no idea how though. She told me he had contacted her before he was killed. That he had sounded very nervous. Almost panicky. But he hadn't told her why.
    That's why she decided to go to the Truth Tower in Tir to look for this evidence.. and she asked if I would help her. I just couldn't say no. And that's why I'm in this mess now.
    Well, as you probably know, she found something there. A jammed communique device with a message from Xeavier to the then OT CEO Zora. She gave that device to me to keep safe, in case something would happen to her."

    So what happened next?
    "Well, Simon came and took her away. Or so I was told. She had arranged for a neutral hacker to take me and him out of the tower. Along with the device. We've been hiding ever since that day."

    Why do you think the Sentinels took her away?
    "I don't know. I haven't even dared to contemplate on it. All I know is what I've heard from others and from the news."

    The people of Rubi-Ka want answers, guidance, support. What would you say to them?
    "That Ruth needs our help."

    This article has been remotely broadcast via the IRRK feeds, and I will attempt to keep the article up as long as possible.

    Best of luck out there.
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    Probably the least biased version of current events I've seen yet.

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    And now to see which flavor will the next "unfortunate accident" take and where it will randomly fall: on this article, the IRRK offices, or its journalists? That would be a very cheap shot from Murphy wouldn't it? Stay tuned to find out!

    For the fiction based on the true story, don't forget to tune in on Bad News Network (BNN)!

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