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Thread: OTPC: Omni-Tek Press Corp to Cease Publication

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    OTPC: Omni-Tek Press Corp to Cease Publication

    Omni-Tek Press Corp to Cease Publication
    August 23rd, 29487.

    The OTPC 10-year trial period has come to its natural conclusion today as the decision has been made not to further renew the programme.

    From our conception in March 29477 to the present day, OTPC has strived to keep Rubi-Ka well informed on current affairs. Sadly, as was always intended, our mission has now reached its end. This will be our final broadcast and tonight at 00:00 RKST, the OTPC offices will turn out the lights for a final time.

    The Editor-in-Chief, Zalcoy, is unfortunately away from the office at this time, and so unavailable for comment. However, all the editors at OTPC would like to thank all the readers, sources and freelance journalists who have provided support and content to the Press Corp during our highly successful trial period.


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    Is away from the office the latest euphamism for put up against a wall and shot?
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    Fact: Truth is power. Also fact: Lies are not.
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