Acting CEO Suspected of Transitional Irregularities
August 23rd, 29487.

OTPC Freelance - The validity of Bahirae Serugiusu's takeover of Omni-Tek Rubi-Ka as Acting CEO has been called into question after evidence was discovered of her involvement in targeted killings and fraud.

Battle Master Serugiusu assumed the mantle of OTRK Acting CEO following the tragic death of Tarkhan Zora during his Corporate Address in Borealis. During her inaugural speech, Serugiusu declared a state of Martial Law, with full authority given to her Riot Specialists and the Armed Forces. She placed blame for the deaths of CEO Zora, Lt. Gen. Rosuma, and City Administrator Lonare on the Legacy Clan New Dawn.

However, it has recently emerged that Xaevier Humbold, the late deputy and Council of Truth representative for that Clan, instead attempted to warn Zora and avert the CEO's death. A jammed communication device recovered from the Tower of Truth contains a message that was never transmitted, the interface having been destroyed during the attack that ended in Humbold's death:

"Tarkhan, the dish is a trap. The weapon you want to reveal is far weaker than the one already at your back. Do not let her near you. Abandon the project. Save yourself. - Xeavier Humbold."

Xaevier Humbold died on May 31st after being targeted by a reclamation system virus. The OTPC understands that the Sentinel Clan, which is now holding New Dawn Leader Ruth Montezuma imprisoned, has blocked an inquiry into his death.

Master Serugiusu has made wide-ranging and concerted efforts to acquire and destroy the device and suppress the release of its contents. Orders for immediate permadeath were given for Loriah and Eeio, believed to have been entrusted with the device's safekeeping by Riahan. The Acting CEO's personal forces, the Riot Specialists, have conducted numerous raids in recent weeks independently of the Armed Forces, most prominently in Tir City. Residents were threatened with the leveling of the City if the device was not handed over.

An Armed Forces source confirmed that these actions were unilateral:

"As far as I know, We have had no involvement. I have received no reports or orders regarding the incidents."

Questions on the events surrounding CEO Zora's death and Master Serugiusu's subsequent takeover are set to intensify over the coming days and weeks.