FJRK: Omni-Tek invades Tir.
August 19nd, 29487.

A large number of Omni-AF troops under the command of Captain Jonothan Townsend landed in Tir yesterday causing chaos and destruction. The Sentinel forces were at first overwhelmed, but with the support of the Knights of Avalon lead by Sir Tristram Solis himself they managed to repel the invasion and avert a disaster.

The alarm was sounded in Tir yesterday afternoon when a large fleet of Omni-AF dropships appeared in vicinity. The dropships managed to penetrate the Sentinel air defences and soon Omni-AF troops, including riot specialists, landed in the town.

Reports show that while the bulk of the omni forces were engaging the Sentinels in battle another group, lead by Captain Jonothan Townsend, was sweeping the town. They were entering peaceful civilians' homes, scanning the streets, questioning passers by and demanding to see their communication devices.

The Sentinels fought valiantly, but the tide of battle was against them and culminated in Captain Townsend setting off a device which started emitting an unknown and deadly gas.

The Sentinel forces were strengthened by the Knights of Avalon and Townsend was soon challenged by Sir Tristram. Having his riot specialist escort wiped out, the Captain cowardly demanded Sir Tristram's sword or he would use the device to wipe all life out of Tir.

The skirmish that followed ended up with the Knight's death, but also in the destruction of the device. The remaining Omni-AF troops were defeated soon after by the combined Knights and Sentinel forces.

There are no reports of any insurance patterns being corrupted during the battle.