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Thread: OTPC Freelance: Sentinel Assassination Botched

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    OTPC Freelance: Sentinel Assassination Botched

    OTPC Freelance: Sentinel Assassination Botched
    August 18th, 29487.

    OTPC Freelance - An attempt by Sentinel upstarts to assassinate captive New Dawn leader Ruth Montezuma ended in failure. While being held captive by the Sentinel Clan, determined assailants broke rank to make an attempt on the life of controversial Legacy Clan Leader.

    Ever since the failure of the original Council of Truth, Montezuma has fled into hiding to self-imposed exile, in attempts to evade the ire of her enemies, sending in her place the late Xeavier Humbold as her deputy. Following the latter's death, Clan in-fighting has increased rather than abated, with numerous clashes in recent weeks. Given the simple destructiveness of the Sentinel Clan, it is unsurprising that they have long been at loggerheads with New Dawn.

    Now, it seems, the rift between them has caused a schism within the Sentinels' own, with a number breaking away to attempt, unsuccessfully, to end Montezuma's life as she is held in captivity.

    Spokesmen from the Sentinel Clan were unavailable for comment.

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    Ooooooh, is it story time? I love stories!
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