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Thread: IRRK: Reality Immersion Games!

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    IRRK: Reality Immersion Games!

    IRRK: Reality Immersion Games!
    August 6th, 29487.

    Bored of getting attacked by giant sandworms? Mutants giving you a bad time? Perhaps you just ran into a ravine full of living rocks that sent you back to your “rez” pad? Why not unwind by enjoying a RIG session!

    Ever wanted to be a heroic Knight fighting off giant sand serpents? Or perhaps a scientist escaping from a lab filled with mutant zombies? Or even an old miner fighting through a mine where the rocks are alive! Well now you can with Reality Immersion Gaming!

    Take part in carefully constructed scenarios telling the tales of epic adventures! Be yourself or take on a character of your own*!

    Team up with your friends or make new ones to tackle epic campaigns or just swap stories about your sessions!

    Join public scenarios or book private sessions in advance!

    New and custom scenarios coming soon!

    Try our new scenario: Rituals of the Blood Cult!

    From the creators of the HIT RIG scenario The Wizard's Tower!

    Fight an evil cult bent on summoning a blood demon to take over the world! Stop their rituals and beat the leaders before they attack the nearby leet orphanage!

    Tickets on sale now! Public Session on Saturday 10th at 19:00RST! Reserve your place here!**

    For more information contact us here.

    *Costumes and props are not supplied.
    **subject to availability terms and conditions apply
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