OTPC Freelance: Omni-Com Denies Data Vulnerability
August 3rd, 29487.

In a recent interview with the FJRK an organization called <Circ0mflex> announced that they had gained access to information left vulnerable by multiple organizations and corporations, including Omni-Tek.

Today, Omni-Com made a brief statement assuring us of the protection surrounding Omni-Tek data nodes, and the information flowing between them.

“Omni-Tek is one of the largest and most influential hyper corporations in the galaxy; it is therefore expected that both individuals and organizations make frequent attempts to breach our systems and gain illegal access to Omni-Tek information.

Omni-Com employs the galaxy’s most complex security protocols to our databanks and systems ensuring that all information is kept secure against any attempted hacks. With a large number of Communication Security Specialists constantly watching our systems we can assure you that whilst constant attempts are made, we have had no breaches of security.

We therefore instruct the organization <Circ0mflex> to issue a retraction notice and to reimburse Omni-Tek for the damning statement.”

OTPC can also confirm that Omni-Com has passed information relating to <Circ0mflex> onto the current governing police force, the Omni-Armed Forces Riot Specialists for investigation.