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Thread: IRRK Freelance: Our Vision at the Rome Omni-Medical Health System

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    IRRK Freelance: Our Vision at the Rome Omni-Medical Health System

    Our Vision at the Rome Omni-Medical Health System.
    August 2nd, 29487

    Our vision is to create the future of health care through discovery and to remain the world leader in health care, health care reform, biomedical and cybernetic innovation and education.

    Leaders and The Best in Medicine!

    Excellence in medical education, patient care and research: That's what defines the Omni-medical Health System.

    OTMHS is an award-winning health care system and premier academic medical center made up of:
    • Hospitals, Health Centers and Clinics throughout Omni-tek controlled territories and annexes.
    • University Medical School and its Faculty Group Practice Clinical activities of the University School of Trauma Treatment and Nursing.
    • Omni-medical Health Corp. - the legal entity that allows the Health System to enter into partnerships, affiliations, joint ventures and other business activities.
    • Nano-science, and Biomedical professionals merited among the academic elite on Rubi-ka and allied planets.

    Would you like to know more!?
    Be sure to check Gridfeed search engines and locations that are there to educate you about your options.

    Nationally Ranked Healthcare in 24 Specialties
    Today, the Omni-Medical branch of Omni-tek continues to deliver their standard through cutting-edge research and premier patient care. According to OTPC, Omni-medical is "among 108 facilities to be ranked in even one of the 124 specialties and nano-sciences."

    Have you thought about breed re-assignment, or personal alterations?
    Omni-med is the leader and pioneer in the fields of re-assignment and synthetic cloning technology. We also offer custom Adoption services to prospective parents. We have made broad technical strokes to assure the health standard through medical research, including being solely responsible for the innovation of the Homo Opifex, Atrox, and Nano breeds!

    "Ensuring the future by improving the now, one bold step at a time.."
    -Rita Prestin, Department Head of Omni-Med.
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    Shouldn't this have been reported by OTPC? Since it reeks of corporate propaganda.

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