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Thread: FJRK: Sentinels announce bounty in exchange for Tir attackers

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    FJRK: Sentinels announce bounty in exchange for Tir attackers

    FJRK – Sentinels announce bounty in exchange for Tir attackers
    July 22nd, 29487.

    After numerous conflicting reports, the Sentinels clan confirms that an attack on the city of Tir took place last night. The clan is offering a notum bounty for certain perpetrators.

    The Sentinels received a tip-off regarding a planned attack on the Truth Tower and were able to increase security in the area.

    The defence, led by Watchman Tim Tombak, took heavy casualties and successfully repelled all attackers, despite reports suggesting that the defenders briefly lost control of the Tower. Watchman Tombak said the following:

    "It all boils down to this: People who have even been outlawed by their own corporation for treacherous and illegal activities, led an attack on the Tower and the personnel around it. They succeeded only in getting a lot of people sent to reclaim and stealing a small device that was part of the Tower communications. The apprehension of those people or the recovery of that device will be rewarded by the Sentinels."

    Security footage shows that an important piece of communications equipment was stolen by two individuals in amidst the chaos. The Sentinels are offering a large notum bounty for those responsible: “A clan traitor, and an opportunist, fence-sitting looter.”

    The Sentinels have invited New Dawn leader Ruth Montezuma to answer some questions about her role in the attack.

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    Get it right, it's Tower of Truth, not Truth Tower... Radiman would be rolling his eyes by now.
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