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Thread: FJRK: A message from Ruth Montezuma

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    FJRK: A message from Ruth Montezuma

    A message from Ruth Montezuma
    July 23rd, 29487.

    This morning the following message arrived to our office:

    “If you're getting this message it means I'm permadead or captured. There is one last thing I need to ask. If you are a New Dawn member in hiding, if you are a clan, neutral or omni who still has a heart and can think for themselves in this war, help Loriah and Eeio. Keep them safe. Or everything is lost.

    Ruth Montezuma.”

    The text was sent automatically on an encrypted frequency from a gridnode that self destructed soon after, as our investigation showed. There is no contact with Ruth Montezuma but at this time it is believed the message is genuine.

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    New Dawn aided us when we needed it.

    We will not forget. We will repay this debt.

    If you read this, Eeio and Loriah, we will support you.

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