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Thread: Breaking news: Military take-over of Omni-Tek?

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    Breaking news: Military take-over of Omni-Tek?

    This is an uncensored breaking news bulletin from NewsNet, Rubi-Ka’s only free news channel.

    Hundreds of Omni-tek employees took to the streets across Omni-cites, protesting over the new CEO’s actions that recently disbanded the large Omni police department, Omni-Pol. The new CEO has defended her decision by accusing Omni-Pols commanding officers of being traitors and says all law enforcement should now instead be enforced by Omni-Teks military departments, such as Omni-AF and military riot specialists.

    The CEO’s actions have been described by senior Omni-Pol officers as a "coup" but celebrated as a "necessary correction" by their opponents supporting the new CEO.

    At least four people were killed and sent to reclaim and more than 20 wounded in sporadic violence that at times pitted Omni-Pols ex-personnel and supporters against Omni-AF.

    A senior Omni-Pol officer that wishes to remain anonymous said “the only coup here have been made by Serugiusu. The real truth should soon be clear to all Omni-Tek employees”. He called the directive of disbanding Omni-Pol from Serugiusu "illegal" and said "actions will be taken against her".

    A spokesperson for Omni-AF said to NewsNet that not everyone in Omni-Pol are wanted for treason, "only the highest leaders in that department, for example John Novagen Wright, Cora Geers and Shadyn Lario" along with any other officers directly involved in the coup against the CEO.

    "All other ex-Omni-Pol officers are only wanted for questioning and will be offered new job opportunities within Omni-Tek."

    This has been a breaking news bulletin by NewsNet. Tune in to NewsNet instead of OTPC for a balanced view on ongoing news.

    Danielle LaRose
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    Termin purses his lips slightly as he reviews the words on the holofeed in front of him as he sips the steaming cup of tea.

    "Interesting. Interesting indeed."
    Termin Zawar
    "we are here to serve"

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    Heavy clashes in Tir

    Sentinel forces on Sunday repelled a late night attack on the tower of truth, killing most of the attackers involved. The attack was believed to have been carried out by remnants of the rouge Omni-Pol division and some of their loyalists. According to reports heavy and light weapons were used during the clashes between Sentinel guards and Omni-Pol. The attackers were apparently led into a ambush by a clan double agent, calling herself Riahan that had infiltrated the division.

    Reports suggest Riahan might actually be “Ruth Montezuma”, leader of the organization New dawn.

    Omni-tek law enforcement agencies may have known in advance about the rouge Omni-Pol divisions plans. Geoffrey Mrmol Bradford, commander of the Omni-AF division OTAF, was seen talking to detectives Winters and Keslie from the Omni-Tek department of investigations, while silently observing Omni-Pols preparations at ICC but apparently did nothing to stop or deter them.

    Omni-Pol leaders captured.
    According to rumors, one of the Omni-Pol command council leaders, Cora Geers was captured by Omni-Tek security forces later in the evening.

    Some Omni-AF troops in Omni-One apparently responded to the news by shooting into the night sky in celebration, ignoring angry resident’s complaints about the noise. Other wanted high profile Omni-Pol person, John Novagen Wright is said to be under house arrest while the third wanted command council member, Shadyn Lario remains at large.

    In other news: Female business traveler is groped and violated by Omni-AF troops during security patdown.

    The woman, who wishes to be anonymous, said she was 'violated' by an AF-trooper during a full body check while visiting Omni-One. She told newsnet that she was told by the AF-trooper that she had to undergo "an extensive pat down for security reasons, which would involve going all the way up the leg."

    The business woman called the security checks “horrifying” and the action by the new CEO to replace Omni-Pol with military riot guards and AF-troops “appalling.”

    “These kinds of security forces are common in war torn areas. They do NOT belong in a corporate business district!,” When I have visited Omni-Tek cities in the past I might have been asked by an Omni-Pol officer to show my ID, but nothing as horrendous like this. This will certainly damage Omni-Teks reputation!

    This has been a breaking news bulletin by NewsNet. Tune in to NewsNet instead of OTPC for a balanced view on ongoing news.

    Danielle LaRose
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    Newland shooting

    Details emerging in Newland shooting.

    A Newland guard general, Anthony Hekkat, opened fire at an Omni-Tek employee outside a Newland apartment building thursday evening. This happened after residents had alerted the guards that 3-4 Omni-Tek agents were assaulting a man. Newsnet have talked to a witness to the incident, a Mr Maxoris, who lives in the building.

    We can now give you this unique insight on what happened that night in Newland thanks to mr Maxoris.

    Here is his story.

    The Omnis showed up and started yelling at this guy standing outside a door to open it and let them enter. When the guy refused they shot him and he collapsed.

    I immediately called the Newland guards and started recording the whole thing with my comm!

    I catched of some of their names when they talked to each other. One Omni referred to the other as “Philips” and I think Philips called the Omni-female “Rheese”. A few minutes later a doctor arrived who they called “Ms Phare” who started treating the guy on the ground. She called the wounded guy “Darius”.

    When they failed to get through that secret door, most of the Omni’s left but this guy Philips remained. Finally general Hekkat from the guards, showed up and we told him what had happened. When he tried to arrest Philips, he fled. Hekkat fired at him but the guy dodged all bullets!

    Then that important door, the wounded guy Darius was supposedly guarding, opened and three people came out, one male and two females. There was something familiar with two of them. Then it hit me,

    I had seen both of their faces on the news. It was this wanted ex Omni-cop Shadyn Lario and the womans name is Loriah Spansgaard. According to the Omni-news she has been sentenced to permadeath. Spansgaard was then dragged away by some unknown woman while Lario was being escorted away by Hekkat.

    This has been a special news report by Newsnet, giving you the news in a fair and balanced way.
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    OT-CEO closes Omni-Tek channel after a controversial news report

    Omni-Tek authorities forced a popular Omni-Tek channel off the grid yesterday, and ordered its managers to be arrested. The closure of the channel comes after their news reported that the current Omni-Tek CEO might be behind the assassination of the former OT-CEO, mr Zora.

    Instead of the OTPC-news and other regular shows and soaps, the OT-channel is now only broadcasting repeated propaganda messages from Bahirae Seruguisu.

    A distraught group of 10 soap opera fans gathered outside Omni-Tek HQ to protest the cancellation of the soap, that is normally broadcasted right after OTPC news.

    "This soap opera is our life," said Moreene Maroni, 25, a grid technician from Galway. "I grew up watching this soap. These characters are like family. When they marry we celebrate. When they die, we mourn. We want the soap back.. and yeah, the news too..."

    This has been a special news bulletin from Newsnet. Rubi Ka's only free news channel.
    Rubi Ka News Network
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