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    Funcom employee Your Voice - Answered Questions

    Welcome to the Answers thread for "Your Voice"! Each month we will post the questions and answers to the previous month's inquiries here for all to read!

    Now, before we get to the answers, there are some guidelines to follow and some rules that we have to make clear.

    On the first of the month, a new thread titled “Your Voice – Month” will be posted in the Community Corner forum. This thread will be open and the community can post questions they want asked of the developers.

    You guys/gals/Atrox are able to submit questions from the 1st of the month until 16:00 GMT/12:00 EDT of the 15th of the month. At 16:00 GMT/12:00 EDT this thread will be closed, and 5 questions will be chosen. As much as we want to be able to bring all of the questions you have asked to the developers, they simply do not have the time to answer every question a player may have.

    If we see a question that is being asked repeatedly, we will attempt to get it answered, but please understand that we can only answer so much about certain things!

    Once the questions are chosen, we will be contacting the appropriate developers to get them answered! As we get answers we will post them accordingly between the 16th and the end of the month. Once the month has ended, the questions and answers will be moved to this thread for all to see and enjoy. Please be sure to check this thread before you post, as your question may already have an answer!

    On the first of the next month the old thread will be deleted, a new thread will be created, and the wonderful process will begin all over again! See you each month and we hope that you enjoy this as much as we enjoy doing it!
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    Funcom employee Your Voice - May's Answered Questions

    These questions were answered by Game Director Genele!

    1. What is your reasoning behind maintaining the research caps, especially at higher levels of research?

    There is really no actual “reasoning” behind choosing to leave things as they are. It is all a matter of priority and that we decide to work on. During the past years, we have added a lot of new ways to obtain XP, so the grind is not as bad as it used to be. Its more a matter of don't fix what ain't broken. There are many other aspects of research that are a lot more broken than the caps that I would have liked to fix.

    2. Also will you make tl3 shades temporarily usable by removing the title requirement off of: Nippy John Stiletto

    I want to make Shades more interesting to play at Title Level 3. However, I don't think that removing a level lock from a weapon that drops in a Title Level 4-5 zone is the right choice for this. Michizure and I have been investigating other weapon options for lower level Shades and we will implement these some time during the 18.7 patch series.

    3. Why cant you make Unique Skins for Unique Bosses?

    We can do it. However, it takes some time to make them. It has been on my list of things to do in my spare time. But as you know, its my spare time, so don't expect it to happen too soon. In NPE startup area all bosses will have different textures from their minions.

    4. When are you removing the city plots on RK ?

    When we make changes to any of the playfields that have an outdoor city plot, we will remove them. When very few are left, we will task it and remove the remaining outdoor cities. With NPE, several zones will get their outdoor cities removed.

    5. How are you going to solve the issue of low income/expensive equipment that newbies have?

    First of all, we will make sure that new players start out with gear that are useful for more levels. In the future we will also reduce the amount of nano programs you have to buy for your character. The next step after NPE will be to revisit the loot in some of the dungeons to make sure players can find most of what they need by going there. (We have already added stims and rechargers to encounters in the lower level dungeons.)

    6. Also, what prevents from tradeskilling stacks of items?

    Nothing prevents us from tradeskilling stacks anymore. However, code to better support this was added recently.

    7. When are MP's gonna get some much needed love?

    Meta-Physicists will get some rather large changes in the NPE patch. They have been presented to the professionals and been properly discussed and reworked. In short the mp will become a caster again and be able to direct damage to their pets instead of having special blockers and being in recharge. MP attack pet will also get higher aggressiveness which means it should tank better than it does now. The way mp will be played will change drastically and with that we will find out if MP will need future adjustments. With this announcement, I allow the professionals to inform you further of the changes that have been discussed in the professionals forum.

    This question was answered by Lead Programmer Macrosun!

    8. Have you ever thought about leveraging your community to help solve development problems with the new engine and NPE?

    This is something we have been looking into. We wouldn't do 'open submissions', as that would create a huge amount of work for us.
    What we would do instead is something similar to the help we've gotten from Docaholic, where we select someone (or a few people) that are interested in voulenteering, and can show the necessary skill set that is needed. We are mainly thinking about getting help in the art area, but we aren't at the point where we can start taking 'applications' yet.

    These questions were answered by Gameplay Designer Michizure!

    9. Is there any plans to address the state of Hecklers still being the best xp/hr from 90-190?

    To make heckler kiting/outside tanking "impossible" would be a very trivial thing to accomplish, but that is a thought we don't want to entertain until we are able to provide a suitable substitute. We did make an initial pass over mobs local to various instances throughout the game to increase the XP they give, but to change the Heckler Kiting paradigm, we will have to go further. Personally, I'd rather not render heckler kiting useless, but would much rather introduce a more viable/active style of leveling; more interesting than Shadowlands Missions and can be done in quicker succession as opposed to Dailies.

    10. On the subject of tradeskilling; (1)there are heaps of undisovered tradeskills, and (2)there are also heaps of unfinished tradeskills ingame. Will these ever be revealed in any form? Will these ever be addressed (as in; removed or fixed)?

    After 12 years, it's always amusing to dive into the game's database to find broken/forgotten treasures. At the moment, I don't foresee us going through and cleaning up the old tradeskills from years past, but I do plan to answer the threads in the Knowledge Database about mystery item/tradeskills, to at least shed some light as to if those items can be tradeskilled.

    11. That scary npc lady in cyborg barracks. (forgot name) what's her story???

    That is Janella Gheron. She's very sad because she lost her pet leet when walking in Varmint Woods. She seems to only accept help from Engineers level 100 or above.

    12. How players find out where to go after finishing an area - IE, an NPC at the bottom of the Subway tells you to go to TOTW?

    Part of the New Player Experience will be to better tie together the various dungeons. While the specific methods of pointing players around Rubi-Ka hasn't been defined, players will most likely be led from one area to the next via simple quests coupled with more convenient modes of transportation.

    13. Will the development of the game also include development/continuation of the story in the future?

    Yes. There will be a series of events during this year's birthday celebration that will start to drive the storyline forward. We hope to keep this momentum going in future updates.

    14. The NPE: What level players will it benefit?

    The new "Noob Island" content of the NPE will benefit players level 1-15. The changes resulting from the NPE patch will benefit all players.
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