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Thread: Your Voice - June

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    With the changes planned to ICC as part of the new player starter area ...

    1. Are there plans to add a bank and mail terminal to the new ICC, maybe near the grid exit?
    2. Are there plans to have us exit our I-cities near to their entrance instead of one standard exit from all three possible I-cities?
    3. Will the New Starter Area be closed off like the current newbie island, or will you allow small toons of say less than level 10 return to the New Starter Area for more opportunities to do the new quests and to allow small toons that already exist to try it out?


    If balancing is being delayed yet again ... can we at least get rid of "Map Navigation" and give all toons all the maps? And Add Parry and Riposte to the Composite Physical nano?


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    Are there any plans for a shared org bank?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkripper View Post
    - What happened to new "battlestation" or "battle grounds" maps?

    - Will we have different "battlestation" modes like king of the hill, capture the flag, deathmatch, and so on?

    - Are you thinking of adding a match status board for battlestations in the future? e.g. player kills, deaths, assists, healing done, damage done, points captured, damage taken.

    - How long can we expect to wait until a new, proper, challenging pvp title system is released? And I mean, when will you remove the actual system which is all about farming kill?

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    Could a UI designer at funcom have a look at the mouse / keyboard controls and could at least the worst offending ones made so like they are in modern games / computer programs? How? I have no clue because im not a UI designer but it feels awkward coming from other games.

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    When if ever will an org bank be added?

    Do you plan to increase the credit limit on players/org/gmi any time soon?
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    Any news on May's questions yet? It's been 27 days since that thread was closed....

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    Will there be anniversary subscription deals like previously for old and new players where we get a lot of extra goodies for subscribing?

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    * Can we please have back that the subscription fee is paid in US $? I feel screwed over every time I pay the same amount in Euro that others pay in US $. Just for example, today it's 1,38 US $ for 1 EUR and I don't see the reason why that had to be changed at all. (95€ are 126 US $ this morning... )
    * What is the reason it got changed in the first place?

    * Since MA's have a Bow Buff, is it possible to expand / support the whole idea more so that a bow-using MA would be a viable option even in Endgame?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thaylia View Post
    * Can we please have back that the subscription fee is paid in US $? I feel screwed over every time I pay the same amount in Euro that others pay in US $. Just for example, today it's 1,38 US $ for 1 EUR and I don't see the reason why that had to be changed at all. (95€ are 126 US $ this morning... )
    I agree with you on this. If there is an accountant on the AO forums please correct my 20 mins of surfing during my morning coffee:

    The billing country of Funcom for Anarchy Online is Switzerland. Switzerland is part of European Free Trade Association’s (EFTA) and belongs to the European Economic Area (EEA). This basically means that Switzerland along with other countries such as Norway is treated basically the same as other EU member countries when it comes to trade.

    When trading the European Commission stipulates that and I quote; "The general rule is that it is the VAT rate of the supplier which applies ("origin" principle)". (There are exceptions on large sums and if you are selling to a VAT registered company in another country and not charging VAT at all etc but it doesn't apply here.)

    So what is Funcoms official VAT policy? Quote:

    As of 1. July 2003, EU regulations require us to apply VAT to all purchases made from EU countries. Funcom's subsidiary in Luxembourg collects EU subscription revenues at a flat 15% VAT (lowest VAT rate within the EU).

    To avoid adding the VAT, Funcom is required to prove a customer is not subject to the EU VAT. The issuing country of your payment instrument will be used to check this. To correct a misplaced VAT, please fax a copy of your own or your legal guardian's photo ID, a signed copy of a postmarked envelope addressed to you and your Game login name to: +41 447111751.
    So judging by what I read and Funcoms policy everything checks out and they're doing the right thing except one little bit; the VAT in Switzerland is no higher than 8%! This does not justify the high Euro based subscription rate at all!

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    only question:

    May's questions? question mark?

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    My question is..How does it take you people, about 2 months, to answer 5 questions? I dont want that ''We are busy doing x+y=z stuff'', because in reality. If you were ''busy'' Stuff would be ''done'' but nope. so, any reason why its rocket science. to type 3 maybe 4 sentences, or at least an apology for how long its taken?

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    When will you give out free months for inactive players?

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    I have talked with several vets from my org who have returned in the last few weeks. I helped a froob the other day in ToTW who was trying to check out the changes before he resubbed. Several of them have asked about the engine and then, when confronted with a snarky response like "not in our lifetime", one responded with, "that is not what the email from FC indicated".

    Is Funcom sending out emails suggesting to players that the engine is forthcoming as an enticement to lure them back?
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    My question is when will the questions from last month be answered?

    I understand there was the birth of a child somewhat involved here, but let's at least get a decently set timeframe if you're going to be doing a monthly recurring thread like this.

    Post thread for questions at the beginning of the month, get answers and post them before that month is over, wash, rinse, repeat. Should be easy, but oh wait, this is Funcom.
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    Near the deadline but I figure I'll throw one more in here.

    What would be the developers favorite suggestions by players over the years and which suggestions do developers wish they could have introduced but were or currently are not capable of doing so?

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    Here is my question.

    How will you regain the trust of the players who have lost all respect for FC and have no hope for their favorite MMO to be brought back to life?
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    When will the kickstarter for Anarchy Online 2 begin??

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    What were the founders of AO inspired by? any existing novels/games/movies/comics?
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    Do you plan on ever engaging with the AO community in a meaningful way?
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    When is the projected shut-down date for Anarchy Online?
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    so all in all it's a fairly viable setup

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