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Thread: Your Voice - June

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    Are there any changes to the controls planned? I mean, how you move your character, shoot, jump etc as to me it feels a bit "stiff".

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    When is AO arriving on Steam?

    Waiting for NPE and Engine as not to "scare off" any new people trying the game?

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    Are we focusing on the entire new player experience including weapons/armor up until 220? Or are we only focusing on the first 10 levels?
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    Are there plans to make it possible to earn SK by doing RK missions and the like? Or alternatively are there any plans to give SL mobs a chance to drop items from RK loot tables?

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    Are there any plans of answering May questions? or is this just another one of Funcom's SOON(tm) thingies. Dont you ever get tired of these? we are....

    What happened to the new head meshes that Funcom invested money in? why are they not put ingame with the NPE and engine? they seemed ok and would give players something new to play with.

    Can we get all website updated not just parts of it? what game will bring new people if the website is broken or up-to-date...

    Can you hire/contact Docaholic already, to refurbish all the used/reused icons AO has? it is clear that you do not have the men power for such improvements, but he is willing and interested, why give up this huge oportunity to a person that wants to help the game....

    While i do love the AO soundtrack the game sounds are somewhat disturbing for a game in the 2013, can you please put this on the board even if its low priority?

    When will we find out what subsription offer will be for AO anniversary?
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    Answers to May's questions?

    Will there be a revised subscription price/s to bring Anarchy Online into line with other mmo's? ( Make the game more competitively priced, instead of out pricing yourselves; as it stands, it's not worth £0.50 a month at the minute, nevermind the price it is currently! )

    Any news on a complete website overhaul - damn this one looks old, outdated, and like no-one can be bothered anymore ( With exception of recent front page update )

    Any plans for a new expansion, and maybe the introduction of a new breed?

    Any plans for weekly mass-participation events - aliens landing in cities, Cyborg armies raiding cities etc etc?

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    What is the current line of grief wars? Can you get warning and/or ban from it?
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    Are you planning to further upgrade the GMI, for example: shared credit pool for all characters on one account, or just simply cleaning it's UI up a bit?

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    - Is this "Voice of" thing just some random thing to make ppl think AO team is doing something and game is alive?

    - Is there point in asking questions here and will they ever be answered or its same as Your voice-may and all other promises? (engine, reblance, new faces, steam, new Bs etc...)

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    So just who are working on AO and what are they areas of responsibility?
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    Any developers contemplating making Parry/Riposte viable skills again? I was sooo happy when Kintai said they would be worked on, and so sad when it got lost in the shuffle.

    So what do you have in mind for those old city spaces? Some nice alien-infested ruins? Bringing back the bar-teleporters would be nice, but something involving danger and exploration would be good too (or in addition). Hopefully neither leaving them as green blanks, nor covering them over with the local scenery.

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    Any Changes on Month Price?17,00€ is terribly for 1 Month...^_^

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    Reading these cynical, bitter responses reminds me of how much I love the AO Community <3

    Remember to be cynical, you must have cared at some point in the past and gotten burned. Otherwise you just wouldn't care , period.

    So I guess my question is will you not only release the new engine at all *grins* but will it be worth all this wait and broken promises and cynicism?

    By that I mean , you not only update the game engine but the game itself? Do you have a planned out , logical plan for "re-imagining" the old zones of AO to maximum potential within the new engine capabilities and parameters?

    I mean , if all we get after 5 years and you release a new engine is better lighting and better performance and still the same old 2001-2005 graphics underneath, I'm gonna be bummed guys. FYI.

    So , do you have a plan to rebuild the zones in this game inside the new engine to make them completely zomfg badass?

    Like take Aliumz content , PLEASE! It's lacking in atmosphere and dynamics and is boring and repetitive (see also SL statics and mishes)

    Now I know Joel did some work for AoC which is VERY atmospheric and dynamic, used to love hangin in Khemi and havin fun in old desert ruins. Lots of desert zones in AO. Like Khemi. If you get my drift. GET IT? Drift? Man , I'm killin with the jokes aren't I?

    So ya , reworked assets (zones, monsters, items, bosses all being the same mesh) comes WITH the New Engine or there is a logical plan for implementation after engine release so the cynical AO community can say, Holy Shiz FC did us justice and be happy ? (for one day before inevitable whines start on other subjects of course)
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    are there plans to hire more staff to get stuff done at a quicker pace? I know you just layed off a ton of people, but most of us are paying customers. With that being said I need to know there's a reason why I pay 30 a month (2 accounts) for no new content.
    So Question: Is there going to be more staff added?
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    1) What is being done for this year's anniversary?

    2) Any plans on overhauling the Ai content in regards to how players obtain lead bots?

    3) Any plans on overhauling the org contracts system to being a organization global research?

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    1) When to expect the answers of the previous "Monthly"...
    2) Will this "Monthly" go the same way...
    3) Is there room for goldfish tank @ the office?

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    Copying and pasting my last months questions because I dont know if they were chosen or not.

    We have seen pictures and video of what the water will look like in AO. However, we have not seen what lava, those green toxic waste pools, water falls and rivers (ones that move) will look like with the engine. When can we see some screen shots of those or maybe a video?

    The original Ogre engine was announced sometime in 2007 (or was it 2006?) and then scrapped in early/first quarter 2009 for the Dreamworld engine. Putting specifics and technicalities aside, if the Ogre engine came out in say 2009 then, lets say hypothetically, AO would have an up to date engine that was on par, graphically, with the MMOs being released at the time.

    With the Dreamworld engine being applied to the game in 2009 and not being fully realized until 2013 or maybe 2014, new games and MMOs that have been released since 2009 are far more graphically superior and have much more customization than what AO will probably receive when it is released. Also, it was stated that at this point in the development of the engine that the main priority was releasing it without all the knobs, buttons and whistles but that, over time, updates regarding the engine will be released to make it complete.

    So, with what we have seen with the engine it doesn't make AO look like a game that was released between 2009-2013. It does bring the game more up to date than when it was released, however, it does not make it a graphically outstanding game.

    So with all that said, here are my questions:

    (1) With AO receiving a new engine, will there be updates over time to bring the game to look more graphically superior, something along the lines of AoC or TSW? To elaborate further, I am not asking if it will look like AoC or TSW within 1 year, but much farther down the line.

    (2) If updates to the engine can be released with patching (to make it look like TSW/AoC AKA graphically awesome), will this make it so a complete overhaul wont be necessary?

    (3) Will AO need a complete overhaul of the engine (in the future) to make it on par with the games of the future? Or can that be bypassed with regular patching?

    (4) When will there be a overhaul on AOs code? We know it is dark, ancient, spaghetti and troublesome. Will it ever be re-done so it can introduce new modern features without having to use voodoo to make it work?

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    Just wondering if at some future time we will be given the opportunity to buy more character slots, especially on paid accounts but also on froob accounts maybe.

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    -any improvements on alien xp ?
    alien xp feels like a must to do dailys every day.
    would be nice to have an alternative to that.
    arid rift is nice but doesnt even come close to doing the dailys.

    -also how soon will we see any sort of tradeable month subcription token?
    would love to be able to trade that!

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    Are there plans to allow combat with weapons in the social tab?

    Also will the original ground be sections be put back in where the cities use to be?
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