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Thread: Time to roll the credits! (Wall of Text)

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    Time to roll the credits! (Wall of Text)

    On Sunday morning at 4AM(EST), Edvvin became a level 220 MP. He is my very first 220 since I began playing AO when I was 12 years old in 2005 This was in NO SMALL PART to a LOT of people. So I thought it would be appropriate to roll the end-of-movie credits and thank a lot of people who deserve recognition. And if I forgot your name (as there are a LOT of them), PM me and it will be added.

    I would like to thank everyone who ran many, MANY inf missions with me between the last month or so and the years before when I was playing Ed. I'd also like to thank everyone (especially the many pocket tanks) that was in the various heckler and early Nascence grind teams.

    I would like to thank LRRP (Omni, formerly of RK1) and all it's old school members for guiding and helping me along as I played Ed and my alts (to be mentioned later) years ago. And for sometimes yelling at me for not listening to basic things. Sorry for that.

    I would like to give a special thanks to Arcelite for a LOT of help that she gave to me, particularly around the TL5 range (Ado brain anyone? And Arcey, if you read this, PLEASE COME BACK TO AO I MISS YOU! <3)

    I would like to thank Zypho and Scheli (I MISS YOU TOO!!!) and Alien Hunters Inc., particularly for helping me do ground raids (just sold some leftover QL242 supples from years ago! Hah!)

    I would like to thank the various people who assisted me in farming my Tier armor (to be completed tonight), YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

    I would like to thank the people who got me my SL nanos from various gardens and sancs. I have been begged for MANY castings since then! ;D

    I would like to thank Primal Evolution, Mid for inviting me in and Aiken for trusting me with cloak-dropping rights.

    A special thanks to Kitty, Dewragdoc, Shaknbake, Perkafool, and the other many people who rolled the many Inf missions that helped me get SK.

    A thank you to Soolja for comic relief during several Inf mission.

    A thank you to Mashinsold for dragging me in tow through missions he was otherwise soloing.

    I would like to also thank the MANY people who gave me buffs to twink me over the years.

    I would like to thank Inferno for being helpful, despite having the worst grind in any game ever.

    I would like to thank FC for making this wonderful game, and the many ARKs and GMs that answered my many, many, petitions over the years.

    A special shout out to the old school CGI members, noting Kitty, Snyperwulf, Ottokarma, Leetie, Dsniper, Mounds, and Snypeleet.

    An additional thanks to The Order of Black Chaos (RK2) for the help they provided with my first paid MP (Edwen, RK2). I wish I could remember everyone from there, just know I remember you!

    An to anyone who I haven't mentioned, I'm sorry, and I thank you for everything you did for me and the countless others who have received help from you, and the help you have given to others and keeping this game alive and well in the process. AO forever!

    Now, finally, a VERY special thank you to Mariposita and Shaknbake (AKA Sickmate and Rootya), both of whom stayed with me for EIGHT HOURS going from Saturday evening into Sunday morning until I dinged 220.

    Mariposita went into melee range with red mobs the entire night trying to DD as much as she could, despite her low level. She made things go much better whether she realizes it or not and I couldn't have done it without her.

    Shaknbake dual logged various toons, rolling and pushing out mission after mission with me and Mari. We couldn't do it without him and I'll never forget what he and Mari did.

    Not only did the two help me all night....but they sped up the rate of SK by running me through SOLO missions providing the DD despite having little to gain in the process. An additional thank you to Amren for also running several of these solo missions with us as well, providing a lot of DD and making things that much faster. An extra thank you to Mari and Shaknbake for doing Prisoner with me as well to give a chunk of quick SK and make the night go that much better. Even though Mari couldn't roll prisoner at her level, she stuck with us anyway, even though her eyelids were turning to iron.

    And now, I'd like to thank the final team mission team that ended the evening.

    The final team members were...

    Mariposita, Martial Artist
    Shaknbake, Fixer
    Rootya, Trader
    Edvvin, Meta-Physicist
    Lisaya, Doctor
    Prosthetics, Doctor

    And Eds alts of note over the years have been....

    Amez, Engineer, formerly RK2
    Giovanto, Agent, formerly RK1
    Giovanno, Agent, formerly RK1
    Edwen, Meta-Physicist, formerly RK2
    Aluped, Fixer, formerly RK1 (and RK2)
    Peyne, Doctor, formerly RK1
    Joveri, Engineer, formerly RK1
    My would-be Kiter lost to character deletion.
    Eroccoui, Shade, formerly RK1

    Thank you all again. Thank you for playing AO with me. I will be seeing you in many raids to come.

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    I got three letters for you... (sad part is, 2 are the same!) L, O and L

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    congrats and glad you are happy!
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    Congratulations yet again, Ed! Was happy to join ya, and stick around to the end. Onto the next adventure... end game!

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    General of Horizon. Member of Unity. Frequent visitor of Free Spirits and The Last Element.

    Nave [ 220 Solitus Fixer ] Qien [ 220 Solitus Engineer ] Navezero [ 200 Solitus Soldier ]
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    Also: Giant horde of alts.

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    Saying you dinged 220 on your first toon is the equivalent of saying you graduated high school. But in this case, it took you a really long time to graduate high school.

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    About time you found Enlightenment Edvvin!

    Congrats tho !

    One profession to RoO them all, one profession to proc stun them, one profession to calm them all and in the darkness Exp perk them!

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    Mettagirl 220/20/** General - Primal Evolution
    Krataiken 150/18/40 General - Primal Evolution Setup

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    On an MP no less! You poor, poor soul!

    Welcome to Endgame
    Pricecuts - 220 Trader
    Feel free to contact me via PM or in-game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MachSchau View Post
    Saying you dinged 220 on your first toon is the equivalent of saying you graduated high school. But in this case, it took you a really long time to graduate high school.
    *grade school

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    congratz and kudo's to your post on all those that helped you on your way.

    /bow with respect
    "Don't think...feel, it's like a finger pointing towards the moon"

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    P.S I'll reply to your tells some day
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    A level 220 MP. It exists, IT EXIIIISTS!

    Rushing where angels fear to tread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flynicist View Post
    A level 220 MP. It exists, IT EXIIIISTS!
    It's a myth, don't let him lie to you.

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    tQUOTE=Esssch;6137320]It's a myth, don't let him lie to you.[/QUOTE]

    Quote Originally Posted by Esssch View Post
    It's a myth, don't let him lie to you.
    !whois Edvvin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edvvin View Post
    !whois Edvvin

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    I havent played AO in ages, but I logged back in into the forum to congratulate you, since I remember your name although vaguely

    I was/still am(?) also in LRRP
    main: level 220/30/70 enf [ROXTON]
    alts: level 150 sec10 enf
    + a few gimp enfs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Synre View Post
    I havent played AO in ages, but I logged back in into the forum to congratulate you, since I remember your name although vaguely

    I was/still am(?) also in LRRP
    "Roxton"? That does sound familiar. Yes I made Ed back in 2009 around the same time I was playing Aluped.

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    congratulations! Also playing game from 2005 and taking it slow is just epic. good job.
    Quote Originally Posted by Michizure View Post
    This'll be fixed for the next patch

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    even i couldnt roleplay 8ish years around this small gameworld, congrats.
    Forever yours. Otmoz.

    Duel/solo stats can be faked. Side xp cant be. TL7 nw for life

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    I came here thinkings of creds, and I get THIS?!

    Congrats dude, you're now a part of a the small MP family!

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