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Thread: Goodbye from Eunucha

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    Goodbye from Eunucha

    I am Eunucha the rightful leader of Inner Circle. I have been a member of the guild since 2001 and continued to be its leader all away up to before the server merge. Unfortunately Funcom felt it was ok to basically help my guild be stolen and gave to someone who was not voted on by the members of the guild.

    I would like to give the person who is now the unelected leader of Inner Circle a chance to do the right thing. I am getting calls from Inner Circle leaders asking for their positions back. Something I can't do since you kicked me from my own Org. So im hoping you will do the right thing and give leadership to who I name as my successor and that is DrMidol. She has been part of the upper leadership before and I have no doubt she can rebuild the Org.

    Inner Circle is not and should not be a Farm org. They will pay you for your city or get you a new one.

    In my opinion what Funcom did was wrong. They never sent me a letter or a email or even a PM in forums or game. They as far as im concerned they helped have a guild I put "off and on" over 13 years put my life into get stolen.

    I have even attempted to get this policy fixed in order not to have this happen to others by asking them at least attempt to warn leaders or at least a guild vote. Even though I wasn't asking anything for myself not even Inner Circle to be returned to me I was punished.

    I should at least be allowed to name the new leader and even though I can't force this to happen I like it to be DrMidol. If needed there could be a vote by the members. The current leader can see how many he can get on to vote for him and we can see how many we can get on to vote for DrMidol.

    In any case after 13 years of none stop dues to Funcom I have decided to end my relationship with them. I would like to say goodbye to all the people I have got to know over the years. Anarchy Online was a big part of my life and the people in it. Its a unique community and I will miss catching up with all of you.

    Inner Circle since 2001 until Funcom kicked me the leader out of Inner Circle in 2013.

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    Damn, another completely broken game mechanic? Does Funcom ever even bother testing their code?

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    When I had to take over leadership of an org where the President was "removed" from the game, the GM had to initiate a voting process then. There should be some sort of login guild message stating that a vote is occuring, because during this process there was no mention of it. I still informed the orgmates who were available of the vote, but they had no idea that one was initiated until I mentioned it.

    I am not sure if it would be different if the current President was an active subber (considering my situation was not the same) but are you sure he did not petition to initiate a vote, vote for himself, and did not inform anyone else that a vote was even taking place? The only requirement is that he is a rank below the leader of the organization, and perhaps that the current president is inactive.

    There are certainly some issues with this process.

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    No one knew .... no one was informed in any way not one guild member. Guild is full of old members that log on from time to time ... wasn't super active right now anyway but was hoping for all the old mates to come back after engine and they will im sure. Some are already back ... and others are informing me they will be back as well. Im done though ... This was absolutely unacceptable and even worst how I was treated.
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    Inner Circle since 2001 until Funcom kicked me the leader out of Inner Circle in 2013.

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    Damn Eun, I wish I could help. I actually noticed today there was an IC guild but I figured it was fake since I didn't know who the guy leading it was. That org name should be given back to its rightful owner but I doubt FC will do that.
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    Account issues should not be addressed in public.

    I have investigated the issue due to his earlier complaint, and the change in leadership was in line with current policy about leaders not logging in for more than 90 days and a leadership change being requested. (Remember, these are determined by login status of the individual character - not ANY character on the account, and not account paid status).

    Any further complaint should be addressed via customer service.
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