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    L'arc en ciel

    Someone give me some insight into this band.

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    Re: L'arc en ciel

    Originally posted by ~~~~~~~~
    Someone give me some insight into this band.
    err....they're visually goth but their music is just japanese pop/rock with a twinge of punk?

    good music in general, good mv's.

    a few of their good songs from top of my head...
    Driver's High
    Rocket Drive
    Spirit Dreams Inside (Final Fantasy movie song)
    Stay Away

    if u like their music, u can also listen to:
    Glay - Freeze My Love, Winter Again
    Luna Sea - In Silence, Love Song, Tonight
    Siam Shade - (can't think of any song names)
    Penicillin - Romance, Ultrider
    Pierrot - Agitator
    Gackt - Vanilla, Saikai Story
    Malice Mizer - Au Revoir, Le Ciel
    Thee Michelle Gun Elephant - (can't think of any song names)

    *btw, Gackt is a solo guy. the others are all bands.

    alternately....artists/bands also of interest from japan...
    Puffy, Do As Infinity, The Brilliant Green, Mr.Children, Dreams Come True, Anzen Chitai, The Alfees, Utada Hikaru(Hikki), Aiko, Dragon Ash, Every Little Thing, m-Flo, Love Psychedelico, Hysteric Blue, ....

    (this would normally be the time i'd tell ya to switch on KaZaA and start downloading mtv's, but hey...that's not very nice, go buy a few compilation records like i do *cough* riiiiight *cough*) :P
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