((Most of the following was inspired by an actual event that happened recently to me in Outpost 10-3. Of course I added a few things to give it more of a RP quality but the core event did occur. this is my first little RP story like this btw so I hope I did ok ))

Orders were to check in with the Armoury officer of the outpost retrieve a report on their supply needs. I dreaded going to Outpost 10-3. To say the outpost was run down would be an understatement. many of the buildings were left unfinished and half the outpost has already sunk into the surrounding swamp. The dreary feeling permeates through the entire base. As a travelled through the Whompah the smell of the swamp quickly filled my lungs. with a quiet sigh I continued to one of the many unfinished buildings where the Armoury is found. I gave a salute to a nearby Atrox guard that was standing near the Armoury wall. He quickly returned it and asked if he could assist me in any way. Having never served in Outpost 10-3 for any extended period of time I was curious about the daily work of a guard in this bleak place.

"Good day soldier," I said with a smile, "I was just wondering how much action you see in this base?" The Atrox thought carefully to choose the right words to express himself correctly.

"No, sir. We get little trouble from the clans out here. In fact, the last clanner I saw was killed by the swamp before we could do anything about it." The Atrox giggled to himself. I thought of the unpleasant sight of someone being torn apart by whatever may be out in the surrounding swamp.

"Well," I said, "That's Rubi-ka for you I guess. How much trouble does the swamp give the Omni forces of the base?"

"That's another story." said the Atrox, gripping his gun tighter. "Most of those creatures stay away from the base but we have to deal with many things getting in through the water on the south side. Those Quake Lizards have sent some of us to reclaim more than once."

The Guard suddenly remembered he was on duty and with another quick salute he walked toward the Whompah to get a better look into the swamp. I continued into the damp building and after a few pleasantries the Armory officer gave me his report. briefly looking through it I could see that the Outpost was suffering from many supply shortages. I was relieved to finally head back to Omni-1. As I started toward the Whompah I heard a loud alarm blare. I looked around amongst the sudden chaos of the base to see what was happening. The Atrox guard quickly ran up to me handing me a horribly worn and outdated weapon.

"Sorry sir," He said with a little panic in his voice. "It's the best I can do in short notice."

He rushed me toward the wall of the Outpost where I could see a wounded adventurer running away from a large group of mutants from the swamp.

"Oh great," The Atrox said concerned, " These slimebathers could be bad news."

As she got on the damaged concrete of the half-flooded helipad the slimebathers caught up and made short work of the adventurer. As a few of the guards fired at the monsters now in range they charged toward the Whompah. I was unfamiliar with my weapon but the basic concept of point and shoot was not lost on it as a fired a burst into the nearest slimebather. The attack was much more than the guards expected as one went down and a few more retreated to a better position. An unlucky man who had just came through the whompah was the next target of the slimebathers. The Atrox heroically charged to the aid of the man yelling to him to get to cover. I kept firing but was reluctant to follow as I was only wearing my grey executive suit for protection. The man tried to cast some form of protection nano program on himself but it was too late as the slimebathers sent him to reclaim. At this point, the soldiers of the base had regrouped and rallied toward the whompah to finish the fight. I called out targets and a few other employees came to our aid. The slimebathers fought viciously but were clearly outmatched and some began to retreat back into the swamp. I had lost track of the Atrox as he was hard to pick out from some of the other guards fighting. with the much more organized force the slimebathers were quicky defeated and soon the base returned to normal. During the clean-up I saw the Atrox again, his armour clearly scratched from the fight. I handed him back the weapon he gave me.

"That was some impressive valor you showed during the fight." I said cheerfully, "You definitely made Omni-Tek proud today."

"Thank you, sir." He said modestly, "It's not the first time something like that has happened. As you said, 'thats Rubi-Ka for you'".

And with that, he went on to check on some of the wounded of the fight. Soon it was clear I was of no more use to the clean-up effort. I was reluctant to leave the outpost as so much needed to be done to make it a proper base. As I finally stepped through the Whompah to return the Armoury report to Omni-1. I knew I would have to visit again soon with some of my division, If only to provide some extra defence for an outpost I had gained a new appreciation for.