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Thread: RIP Mothadoc

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    One day we will find a cure for cancer, until then we just gotta keep fighting it. This guy is out of any suffering and pain free now.


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    RIP Cez, you will be missed.
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    RIP Motha, even tho I didn't like you too much, but don't really wish that happen to anyone :/

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    Always sad when ppl depart before their time is up
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    Sorry to hear this.

    My prayers go out to his family (<3 you Jade, stay strong).
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    Man, this is ****ed up.

    We haven't really kept in touch since i left the game some years ago, but we ware friends. So sad to hear this. He was an allaround great guy. My thoughts go to his wife and kid..
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    RIP Wishstar :/
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    Per Ardua.

    Rest in peace.
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    Didnt get the pleasure of knowing him personally, seems a shame based off everything said here, but i know of him by reputation, and it's a shame to hear of this news, he was a solid part of our community and although he's gone he will continue to live on in everybody, I offer my condolances to everybody who's lives have been affected by this, and to the family.
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    I had the pleasure of knowing him, back in the day.
    A great person. I am sad to hear this happened
    Rest in peace!
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    RIP Mothadoc.

    Not so long ago I was writing about Motha, how he was champion for me at first years of AO. Never knew he was so serious ill, and its sad he lost this fight. I feel bad...
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    Easily one of the nicest and most helpful people I've met in this game. Very saddened by this news, rest in peace, motha.
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    soup guys?

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    It is always a pain to lose people. And always in a game it hits others harder because you didnt know the person. I hope that Mothadoc may be resting in peace.

    You will be missed
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    Such sad news...kept in touch with motha quite frequently, was under the impression he was doing alright. Always a great guy and a great friend..he will be missed.
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    only knew him by reputation but have plenty of friends who couldn't say enough nice things about him

    big ups to them and motha's family
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    Love ya buddy! see ya on the other side with my premium support beam!

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    RIP motha, this made me realy saad

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    Passed away way to young, All the good ones go first
    RIP Motha,You will not be forgatten. Best wishes to the family and friends.

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