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Thread: Twists and turns, end or beginning?

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    Twists and turns, end or beginning?

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    "You just have to wake up... You have to... Please, wake up..."

    "NO!" Julia gasped for air as she woke up. Just moments earlier, she was in the shuttle, fighting for her life.

    Or so She thought.

    At first, everything seemed unreal. For a moment she could not believe that she was alive again. After getting used to the bright lights, white walls and the scent of anestetics, She stumbled up. At a first glance, the room looked like a lab of somesort. White walls, clean surfaces, steeltables, including the one she was sitting on. Carefully, she slides down from the table, and collapses as soon as her feet touch the floor.

    "Who... Who are ya people!?" She yells with raspy voice and sore throat.
    "LET ME OUT! Where am i!?!" She rushes to the mirrored window, throwing herself into it, causing the alarms to go off, followed by loud sirens and red lights.

    Julia glances around hastily, steps away from the window and runs at the other end of the room, hiding in the corner behind a large steeltable. With shaking hands she runs her fingers through her hair.

    "Am i still there... What happened?" She slides her hands around her knees, pulling them against her chest. After a while, the alarms go silent, and someone knocks on the door.

    A familiar voice reaches out for her.

    "Ciy? You okay in there? Ciy!?"

    The door opens and accompanied by two soldiers, Gunfytr walks in. As soon as the soldiers notice the shaking half naked girl in the corner, they point their guns at her. Julia stares at them, starts gasping for air and pushes herself deeper towards the corner.

    "Stop that! Put those guns down you morons! She barely has any clothes on, She is not a threat!"

    The two soldiers lower their weapons, other one muttering something about scum as they turn and walk away, leaving Gunfytr and Julia alone in the room. Calmly, Gun reaches his hand at her and smirks widely.

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    "Day twenty... five? No, maybe eight... something. uhm..."

    Julia sighs and runs her fingers through her messy hair. After Gun got her out from the dying shuttle the days had been long, boring and quiet. Somewhere in space, even she was not sure where they were.

    "Anyway, eh, I've been doing this for everyday now, and it feels like I've been doing this tons of times everyday. I mean, like... Uhmmm... Time is flowing again, but still, I feel like something's missing, yanno? Eh, right, talking to a machine and waiting for a reply... No wonder something seems awfully off...”

    She chuckles and takes a deep breath.

    “So, back to what I was saying. Frozen in time was not too good for me. Like I have logged before, my eyesight has gotten better from what it was back then when I first got out, some of my symbiants have been acting up, but slowly they are returning to normal. Umm.. What else was it- Ah! My sense of smell has… died? I mean, it just… vanished. Before I was able to smell Gun making coffee in the other side of the apartment, but now I cannot even smell it if I’m in same room with him. Talking of him... Something’s wrong. I guess… I’ve noticed that he’s way more quiet than before I went... missing. Yeah well, I don’t blame him. If he was to go missing for some reason, and I was told that the ship he was on, was missing and nowhere to be found, I’d probably flip out.”

    Behind her the door opens, and she quickly shuts down the recording, closing the videolog before her she turns around pulling a small fake smile on her lips.

    “Oh, I didn’t see ya there, Hun. Something up?”

    “Just checking on you, would not want to find you on the floor passed out again. Just yell if something comes up, ‘kay?”
    “Yeah, of course! Thanks…”

    As the door closes, she turns back to the screen. With light strokes and touches she pulls up different windows and applications.

    “so, right. To continue from where I was just now… Or not. I don’t wanna continue on that subject anymore. Maybe some other day.”

    She smiles and closes the voice log, leaving the video open.

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    “I do miss the fresh air, dancing waters, green grass, laughter… All the people. No! Nononono! Not getting all emotional and stuff. Gosh, I gotta get over all this and pull myself together! “

    Swiftly she lets her fingers dance on the surface of the screen.

    “Ah, at last, I guess we’re getting closer.”

    Leaning back on the chair she crosses her legs, pulls back her hair and slides a finger on her lips. After a while of silence, something pops up on the screen for just a second or less, and disappears. Frowning, Julia leans forward and bites her lip.

    “That looked interesting, but I guess it’s long gone now. “

    She leans back and glances at the door. Slowly she gets up, ties her hair up on pigtails and sneaks to the door.

    “Gun? Are we stopping at ‘Ka anytime soon?”

    “How so?”

    “Nothing big really, just wanted to go eat at a bronto burger, that’s all!”


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    Now that my /RP partner is back, I'm sure stuff will pick up a bit. <3
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    Only the light from the holoscreen was reflected from her face, as Julia was hastily going through different pages and voicemails in a pitch black room. Calmly breathing, she leans back for a moment and sighs. At last they were in the range just far enough to check the news from ‘Ka, but it seemed like nothing big, or even interesting was going on, at least for her liking.

    “….the Volcano in Avalon. When rescuers arrived at the Volcano, the Dragonriders were about to sacrifice one captive in order to resurrect a Dragonlord….”

    Julia chuckled as the male voice was interrupted by static, and a moment later continued normally.

    “Dragonlords and corrupted souls? What in the world is going on down there…?” She mumbled to herself and smirked widely at a picture popping up on the screen.
    “Ah, Good old Borealis, seems quite quiet thou.” She leaned forward and squinted, as if she saw something interesting. Taken from the whompas, the picture shows merely three people, and then, a formal looking opifex female companied by a figure with riot shield and armour standing near the Guardian.

    “Omni, keeping an eye on Borealis…? Why would they do so?”

    She leaned even more close and grunted at the picture.

    “For real? Are they sending the useless officers down to Bor, just in case of a riot? They got nothing better to do?” Julia giggled to herself and turned around a few times with her chair.

    “Ahhh, I so want to get down there! I wonder how are the old faces doing? They must be missing me like crazy!” She cackled like a maniac and almost flipped over with the chair.

    “Ahahaha.. Haha.. Ha.. Ehhh, I guess not.”

    And again, she turned up the volume and focused on the screen, still chuckling quietly.

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    Gathering her equipment from the locker and placing it on a nearby table, Julia mutters to herself. She moves with haste, as if she was going to miss something.

    "How long!?" She hisses towards the console right next to her.

    "Easy there, trying to find a good place to set this thing down, okay? Just relax, I'll tell you when!" The man answeres her almost instantly.

    Julia grunts, takes a quick, searching glance over at the table. Her guns, armour and other equipment laying there, just waiting eagerly to be used again. She runs her hand over them and without noticing it, her anger slowly fades away, and a small, rather grinny smile creeps on her lips.

    "It's not going to be a long visit, but..." She stops and picks up her wrist-datapad. Placing it on her wrist, she connects the elements and a bright orange light pops up on the screen, followed by a gentle voice.

    "User: Julia Gilliano. Age: 24. Current location: Searching... Not found. Current year: 29487. Last log-in to the system: January 18th, 29487. Synchronizing the system with old data. Please wait..."

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    Now that my /RP partner is back, I'm sure stuff will pick up a bit. <3
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    The room that she was held, was dark and bare. She could almost hear her thoughts echo in there.
    Little by little, she could hear louder and louder noises outside the room she was in. With only her hands tied, Julia blunderd back on her feet and somehow managed to stumble to the door, quickly leaning against it, listening.
    The planetwide announcement had just been broadcasted.
    Even while trying to listen very carefully, the fact that she'd barely been eating anything in the past week or so was hindering her abilities drastically.

    "I give up." She leaned away from the door, landing on the floor with a loud thud.
    "Has it already been a week? No, can't be..." She rolled on her back, pulled her knees tightly to her chest, and after few tries, she was able to pull her arms under her feet from behind her back.

    "I'm so tired of this." She sighed, stumbled back on her feet and walked to the wall she was leaning on earlier. After a moment of silence, she chuckled and grinned widely.
    "This time i did not even do anything. I mean, really? Just in case i was gonna go all whacko, they lock me up? For two weeks!? " She ran her fingers through her hair, while taking a deep breath.
    "Calm down, calm down, I'll get out, way or another..."

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    Now that my /RP partner is back, I'm sure stuff will pick up a bit. <3
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    "Yeah, things have been quite... tense down here." Julia chuckles as she stands in a dark room, talking to a man on a small holoscreen. She starts to take off her bodyarmour, slowly revealing what's underneath. The light from the screen dimly paints out the figure of her body.
    Julia chuckles softly and sits on the sofa, grabbing her 'free-time' clothing from the floor.

    "But... There's still no word from Him."

    Julia goes quiet, and a faint sigh escapes her lips.
    "Some even say that... He'd be dead." She looks at the screen, her eyes filled with worries and sadness.

    "I still hope it's not true. There's no way he'd die on me like that. Even after all the things we went through, I hope I can be forgiven, and we can be friends again when he comes back."

    The man replies something, causing Julia to smile faintly. She grabs her datapad, wrapping it on her wrist.

    "I'm gonna dig up some more, and call ya back, okay? Be safe up there... Promise me."
    She leans closer, planting a gentle kiss on the screen before shutting it down, and walking out from the apartment.

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    Now that my /RP partner is back, I'm sure stuff will pick up a bit. <3
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