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Thread: Remove ubt-line from doc and give to ma and crat?

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    Doc could still have a aura like those cata-bosses and then hp-buff made as team-aura. Then make a choice of which one to run. Atm, the current debuffs kills the challenge in game imo.
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    great idea.. remove ubt from doc. Also remove it from crat.. in it's place give it a malaise that saps damage in much way MP debuff line does.

    Doc will always be desired no matter what becouse of best heals, it does not need to have most user friendly init debuff aswell. Maybe keep break on hit init debuff line. That is kinda nice.

    And crat? Crat with 20k+ hp can tank like a boss, init debuff like magic and calm like lightning... all while being first grade DD. Removing init debuffs except maybe few dinky ones like maybe 400 from tapes max (so puting LE tapes in single line), that's ample enough, I still don't see why anyone would pick MP or Engi to team out of pet professions.

    In one awesome swoop of dev brilliance we would fix 3 man Beast raids, 2 man TNH's and half assed exploits around the game. All that is needed then is to nerf ICH down to 25k heal. (+ efficiency naturaly).

    A few changes like this that we all know need to happen would ****e up the game a lot. And don't require rocketscience wich reballancing all professions from ground up requires... or rather is not impossibly hard, wich rebalance seems to be.
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    This'll be fixed for the next patch

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    I think it would be a wiser approach to give keepers reflects (separate line, not use A or B auras)

    give mp's a better -dmg debuff w/ a small init (nothing like ubt)

    IE, give other chars some raid toolset that makes them useful w/o removing it from current profs.

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    Why take stuff from one profession to give it to another?

    If for example keepers had same reflects as soldiers people would be happy to invite one or the other. Both professions could be useful instead of turning one profession useful at the cost of the other's usefulness. No?

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    epicz, MA should have some kind of init debuff yeah.

    Doc should keep init debuffs that break on attack.

    Crat is already epic, so it should be nerfed down to 1200 total debuff...

    MP should be buffed up to that level.
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    This'll be fixed for the next patch

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    Ehn, I also remember enforcers gathering a sizable chunk of mobs in a lane and the zerg slowly crawling down the lane, pulling the mobs, to prevent repops from agging, because DD back then simply wasn't the same as it is now. We also didn't run along walls or do other cheap crap to lose agg on mobs.

    Bear in mind that we also killed all the zods because a lot of the loot was still useful, rather than just taking the path of least resistance to the beast for a chance at selling a burden or lust. A full beast raid, including all four zods, took about 3 hours with a decent sized raid force. And that was with the enf pulling as much crap in the way as possible w/o dying and 80 people beating on them.

    TL;DR version: Enf survivability/agg management capabilities gone up? Not really. Players playing smarter/abusing geometry with a crapload more DD available? Yup.
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    Remove debuffs from Crat and move it over to MP if anything.

    Crats would still be a powerhouse of DMG and calms, whilst MP would also be usefull.

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    Remove debuffs from crats? Crats had their init debuffs since day 1. Removing them would only cause more harm then good. They should be nerfed a little, but not removed. If you want to remove OP init debuffs, then remove doc UBT procs. Only 1 of those procs debuffs inits by nearly the total ammount that crats do.

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    If crats lost their debuffs, they would still be a heavy DD class aswell as having godly calms.
    wheter they had them at day 1 or not, still things needs to change.

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