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Thread: Imba low leveling creds

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    I give out low sets of ofab to other shades if I see them in gear they shouldn't be wearing. And besides that, I give them tips on how to make money, where to get this and that. But that isn't really fixing the problem. The problem is: newbie island does not provide enough money for a few implants/weapon/armor and when the newbie reaches mainland and acceess a city shop....the ammount of utterly useless garbage in there is HUGE and confusing to the new player.(I've used a cheap shotgun on my soldier and destroyed my IPs because I didn't know what weapon to use 8 years ago.
    Newbie experience should be different, imo. We need a learning curve right from lvl 1 in there and it has to provide information on what armors are viable for each prof, what weapons and implants and symbs are viable to each prof along with enough money so that the newbie, upon completing his learning curve, can get his own proper gear to lvl up in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by edmaster3 View Post
    WTF is wrong with you people. As usual a lot of the people that respond on these forums are selfish bastards.
    Instead of actually trying to help people ingame or make anything better for other people without years of experience they like usual just say if to hard, go play wow or runescape.
    Well guess what that's what a lot of people did. Reading guides destroys part of the fun in the game, and you shouldnt have to!

    Really vets are a important part of what killed AO. I am almost ready to let the game die and laugh at all those arrogant people who loose everything. At the end of the day its still a game that needs people to pay for it. REMEMBER THAT!!
    So, reading guides spoils all of the fun... but you want people to PM other users for help? Surely that, errr, is much like reading a guide?

    And no - vets will not lose everything - because this is a game and we'll pack up and move to another one. With sadness, yes, because AO is awesome and has been a huge part of my life but I'll still find something else to do.
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    I haven't posted in this thread for ages, but I just wanted to chime in to say, people need a stepping stone for this type of game. I kid you not when I first started I replaced my imps a total of maybe 3 times between 1 and 200. When it came time to getting in my Alpha's and being the first Nanomage Soldier to cross the finish line of 220/30, let alone being my first maxed character, I wanted to min/max naturally, but I didn't have a clue what to do, I had to get the help of about 10 people to help me figure out what I needed to buff, and how to understand how to slot and ladder up for twinking in items, now my twinking loadout is overkill and it's all thanks to those good people in this game.

    Without them, I am not saying I would have quit, but it would have been significantly harder to complete my goals. Oh yeah, and I didn't even tradeskill imps till I was around 190.

    If you show what the player is missing regarding awesome implants/symbiants such as Alpha's, or OFAB, you will make them interested in purchasing the entire game. Embrace the what you don't know wont hurt you philosophy and do the exact opposite with this game.

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    What? Having a game actually explain things to you? That's insane, no one would play a game like that. I think new players are better off to just go read some 4 year old guides instead.

    I mean, why would you want to front-load or be upfront about the stuff that's really interesting and unique about this game? Or giving new players a taste of what it's like to twink your character etc.?

    And yes, the in-game shops need to change significantly. The items are terrible in this day and age, and do not warrant such high prices. As it is now they function as nothing but a noob trap.

    And yes, reading guides do spoil the fun. You shouldn't have to check an external website in order to play or understand a game. That's a fault of the game which veterans solve by work-arounds and are too stubborn to see that they are actual issues.
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    research is part of any decent game, if everything was spoon fed to you as you went along you end up getting bored very quickly

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