Darkness..... the Greater Tir County is famous for its gloom at midnight. You never know who or what you will meet there. You better keep out unless you got anything to do there.
I had something to do. As an Adventurer I had a mission, as a Clanner I had a duty.

The Kodaik Turbo hovercraft shrank and folded itself into nothing. I put it in my pocket. I raised my pistols, one ballistic, one energy. I loaded both. Then, armed to teeth, I put the key in the door and opened. Quicly, I slipped into the darkness, hiding myself in a corner while putting on the night vision goggles.

I never ask before I shoot. I didn't this time either.
"Eat this, OMNI scum!" were my last words before I fired both my pistols. One bullet and one beam, side by side those nanoseconds. Both passed my target, some Omni-Tek employee, before slamming into the opposite wall, leaving a barely visible scorch mark.

He was over me in a second. I slammed into the wall, I felt bones break as nanobots teared me apart from the inside. I summoned my own bots, to repair the damage, but, in vain...
A swarm of three bullets swiftly teared my armor. On reflection, I fired again, a Fling Shot, this time hitting the target. I could hear him groan in pain, as the energy spread through his body, short circuiting his Cyber Armour. All in vain. He hit me again, one final time, in the chest. I could hear the metallic screams as my implants were torn, and then, understanding I was completely doomed, I surrendered to the pain.

Long time I fell. I couldn't see, I couldn't think, it was all pain and darkness.

After long, long time, light appeared again. It was a dream. I lived, but not as myself. I was Thadlerian, but Thadlerian wasn't me. There were bodies and faces. I knew them, though I had never seen them before. All was different.

With a big jerk, I fell back to reality. Blind after the resurrection. Hell, it doesn't matter, I know Tir by heart. Two steps later, I crashed into a very solid brick wall. My eyes slowly started working.
I wasn't in Tir. I knew this place, from long time ago. But it couldn't be.... Yes, it was the entertainment park in Old Athen. Then I remembered my mission. Some maniac had got his hands on weapons capable of killing a man, leaving him unable to resurrect. But that couldn't have happent to me. It was just a transfer error. I had been resurrected in the wrong place. Yes, that's the explaination.

I rested for an hour, meditating. I still felt weak. Unusually weak. Did I still have my faithful Sleekblaster? No, it was gone. My armor was gone too, and when I touched my arm, I could feel implants missing.
Probably a bug in the system. That gun had cost me a fortune in credits, and I had trained long before I was able to use it.
I shouted out my frustration.

I heard a sound I had heard thousands of times before. The sound of something rolling towards where I sat. A Rollerrat. I hate those. I got up, then remembering I had no weapon. I started to run for the guard at the entrance, but my feet were too weak to give me any speed. I could only fight.

Then it happened. As the rat curled its armoured body, and charged, I felt my arms fill with unknown energy. Without hestitation, my fist hit the Rollerrat on the nose, just as it reached top speed.
The rat was dead before it landed, some hundred feet from where I stood.

After half an hour there were nothing more to threaten me in the area. The ground was littered with corpses of rats and reets, leets and lizards. I did not need any weapon any more. I was the Martial Artist, though I could not understand why. The only thing I knew was that I had a murder to avenge.
No matter the cost.