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    Unhappy Sad News

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    Too much college life is interfering with my AO time (damn those college parties... damn them all to hell!) but i shall miss all yall on RK-2 and wish yall the best in game and in life. if ya wanna get a hold of me outta game send a tell to chickenpox and he'll tell you how to reach me. I might be back but i wouldnt bet on it heh. Good luck and Goodbye guys, it was fun.

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    This is truely a sad day for me the bestest and gimpest enf on rk2 is going.... I have been running with Xx since he was lvl1 and tho he still fights like he is lvl1 and has grown in wisdom... I think. Xx you will be missed on Rk2... I mean who now will I spend so much money to twink chars or loan money to that I never got paid back =) ah well it has been great fun and great times that I have saved in pictures from mort dungeon all the wasy to when you and Sad (gone too ) posing as minime in by5 hehe silly guys. These are the things that make AO great people like you and when they leave a piece of RK goes with em... Good bye my friend I hope to see you in game again some day

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    will miss ya mate
    take care and good luck

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    Unhappy 8*(

    bye Xx nice knowing ye enjoy college life
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    another of the great characters i've had the pleasure and honor of spending time with is leaving...
    this is a sad day.

    /me fells a tear waves sadly goodbye to his most uberly gimped friend of all times...

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    One of the good ones is leaving

    Take care Xx
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    Ack the air is getting thinner.
    I guess some day I would be the only one I know at Tir Grid.
    Well see you when you are back.

    EDIT: Corrected wrong smilie.
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