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Thread: Enhanced Jathos'/Kegern's Armor on Froob NT

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    Enhanced Jathos'/Kegern's Armor on Froob NT

    I just completed a setup for the Enhanced Jathos or Kegern Headwear on a 200 Froob Atrox NT (seems possible for Opi too)

    If you all have any comments, just want to say "Oh this has been done before, big whoop", or want to critique it some more, don't hesitate to voice your opinions Is the equip I used, trying to make it as real as possible
    Using AOSkills2 I made: (it's mainly about the bottom of that notepad, rest of it was calcs for an Atrox Enf, Opi Enf and Opi overall
    It uses all normal buffs, including the Gauntlet Buff (it isn't in AOSkills2, so just at 10 to everything in AOSkill, I already have it included in that notepad at the bottom)
    ql 250 Contract - Heart Pump Boost (Stamina) +18
    ql 250 Contract - Muscular Elasticity (Agility) +18
    The equip I posted is the equipment for aoskills2.

    End skills are 750 Agility and 885 Stamina

    I feel like some of the equip might not be possible, being dependent on availability and that the skills for an atrox might not be possible.

    If you all have anything to say about it, would love to hear you.

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    Nice hope you manage it. Thanks for sharing.
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    Well actually, I was just giving it out. I don't have a 200 NT nor will I ever (most likely)

    Figured I'd share this after my org mates 'n I were discussing that Enhanced Jathos wasn't possible on 200 froobs. I looked through just about every possible item (with in reality that still dropped).

    If I messed something up while doing all these calcs, call me on it ^^ I'll see what happened.
    Able to do this on a few toons, mainly Opi is possible but really wanted to see what Atroxes can do it too

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    I don't think that Figurine is in game.

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    The Figurine isn't in-game.
    But nicely done on the calcs.

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    Shoot, then imps may be the only possibility. If anyone is able to get higher than ql 215 (or 222) implants on a 200 froob for twinking, then it'd most likely be possible since that Figurine isn't in game.

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    I think 200 froob can do 230ish imps at least, and thanks for sharing calcs. I have been wondering bout eJathos on froob since a long time too ...

    Here is a standard setup i had ended up with, that you can arrange to balance agi/sta numbers depending what breed you picked. . .

    All in all, i think it doesn't worth the pain if you can't put on the chest too, and of course managing leg/chest/helm would be godly.

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