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Thread: The Notum Wars

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    The Notum Wars

    I got to thinking today...the expansion pack to come is called "the notum wars". And with the current situation in Tir, the DoB and the few other things...i'm thinking that perhaps a storm is brewing. This storm is coming too fast...and i don't think OT or Clan will have enough time to prepare for it. If the mining of notum is threatened in any way, you can bet every last cred you have that OT-prime will act swiftly and without thinking too much.

    At the same time, the clans will never tolerate OT personel entering Tir, even if they do it in the interest of 'peace'. The notum wars they call's in the title. No matter what happens, the DoB has succeeded in doing what it wants. Open warfare between OT and Clan...and when both sides are weakened, they will use the opertunity to finish them. Divide and conquer...even thought we've already been divided, this will only widen the rift.

    A 4th war wouldn't benefit any side. I personally believe OT would win...but the clans would make them pay for every inch of soil they took. Peace can rarely be obtained through a river of blood. And this is exactly what will happen. Regardless, things will get interesting in the future. Oh, and does anyone else have a feeling that the DoB might be a faction working for another mega corporation that might want to lay claim to Rubi-Ka? They are organized, equiped with highly advanced weaponry, and strike then vanish. Hell, even ICC might have hidden interests in this.

    What do you think about the "Notum Wars" title? A warning of things to come? Storms gathering people...get your umbrella's.

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    I agree that the storm is gathering and that something is going to happen...

    I am not certain it will be open warfare between OTRK and the Clans. I see the 'situation on the ground' as an anarchy, for both sides. The bulk of the player population simply doesn't care what the instructions of their government are, they do what they want to do. Most of them don't even know what their 'side' is doing or wants to be doing. Most players look at it as an irreconcilably polarized situation.

    Ross and Radiman signed the Tir Accord - which is essentially a ceasefire and the groundwork for a peace treaty - and were working on a permanent end to conflict between the two factions... and players were yelling "There's a war on! You should all be attacking Omni-1 (or Tir!)"

    Now we see that the CoT has fallen, and the Clans are essentially left without a government - barring of course those organization leaders who stick together and occassionally come to a consensus decision on various issues. I would be willing to bet that we will see an event that removes the 'government' of OTRK - ie, Philip Ross will disappear entirely, and possibly Omni-Admin (the story org, not the player org) will be disbanded/destroyed or something else.

    Basically, I think it would make sense to set up the Notum Wars between player orgs if the player orgs had no titular governments. The CoT is gone... now it's OTRK's turn
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    This booster pack is for Player Orgs to control land and Notum. FC stated that these areas would not be in or near the major cities.

    A storm is brewing however. I think that OT and the Clans will have to come together to fight the greater evil that is coming and not each other.
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